Its been about a week on the pump

SO i’ve been pumping for a little over a week…maybe closer to 2 weeks?..and so far nothing is working. okay, not nothing, but my numbers are still being tweaked- apparently my lantus was lingering in my body and making my BG all funky and unreliable. I have been in the high 200’s for the past few weeks on the pump and it has been making me feel very sluggish. My educator just adjusted some of my rates and ratios- all that good junk- and now the numbers are better, 160’s. But now im crashing every so often, at random times- with no pattern! gah.

but i think i am definitely enjoying the pump lifestyle so far. me and ‘Pumpata’ ( that’s the name for the lil machine, its pump in Finnish. i figured i might as well name her, since all you other pumpers do!) have had quite a few adventures. More than several air bubbles in the tubing- SO annoying, anyone have any tips for that? i hate priming and rewinding all the time, besides i feel like im wasting a lot of insulin! the tubing has gotten caught on all sorts of random objects, and a few times i forgot i was ‘attached’ to the pump and i went to change into pajamas, and as i took off my pants- pump still attached- i nearly yanked the whole thing out of me.

I have now started using my pump in place of a watch. its funny, as i don’t like to draw attention to it, but i cant help it- whenever someone asks me for the time, i just pull out my pump to check, since its right there in my pocket, easier than riffling through my bag to find my cell phone for the time. ironic i suppose.

so anyways, college starts up again in a week and i wanted to order extra supplies to take with me to college so i wont run out (like i did last year with test strips) but nooooo the place where i order them through, along with my sh*tty insurance wont allow me to order supplies earlier than the 3 month intervals. I hate insurance companies. they don’t understand that sometimes a vial drops on the floor and you need a new one to replace it, or sometimes a vial of insulin just isn’t functioning as well as it could, so you open a new one, earlier than the 28 day period, so at the end of 3 months your going to be short on insulin. they don’t care if you test 15 times a day, they will only fill a prescription for up to 10 times a day- if i am lucky- which leaves me wondering, what am i suppose to do, NOT test before and after meals and just guess when I’m hypo? its annoying and it has me contemplating moving to Canada! grr…

Hey! I also had a rough start on the pump… there are a lot of things to set-- and until you get those right, the pump won’t help. But it sounds like you are well on the way! I think that you will love it once you get all your settings done!

Oh, and I never wear a watch anymore and I always reach for the pump as soon as someone asks the time :slight_smile: Yep, one of the perks :slight_smile:

I’ve pumped on and off for the past 10ish years (on 98% of the time over the past 2) and I STILL experience some of the first-time pumping clumsiness! Once everything gets tweaked, it will work out much better… it’s just getting to that point can take awhile! Good luck!!