Shaky feeling in the morning

Hi all,
Longtime no posting on Tudiabetes. I had uneventful diabetes since my diagnosis in 2008. However, recently, I started to have this shaky feeling in the morning. It is usually related to bowel movements (more I go, shakier I become). I don't take coffee anymore because initially I thought that was the reason. But as it turned out, coffee was only making it worse but was not the primary cause. It is kind off inside tremor that is not visible from the outside. My fasting BG is normal or slightly high and my control seems to be good (last A1C was 5,7). I am so scared that I started to have nightmares about it. I will only see my endo in 2 months. Anyone has this experience?

Do you test when you have this shaky feeling? If so and it's always normal (or high) I would guess it is unrelated to diabetes. I would suggest running it by your PCP and see what recommendations he makes perhaps to do testing or see an appropriate specialist.

Hi Zoe, thanks for your reply., It is normal or high-ish. I will see my endo in two months but it is a bit longtime to wait.

It is, if it's bothering you. And I don't know that your endo is the right person for this issue, unless perhaps it's thyroid related. That's why I suggested an appointment with your PCP; that way he/she can look at the range of things it could be and suggest a next step.

I would agree it sounds more like a Primary doctor question than Endo, so why wait 2 months.

Have you recently changed your diet, supplements or medications ? If so, might want to check for side-effects.