Shocked by my Hba1c results

Today I went to see my endo and I was so shocked with my results and quite proud with myself as I haven’t been very good with my bsl control for the past year. Mine came down from 11.8% to 7.7% which is a huge improvement for me as my past results have always been bad. Feeling good and on the right track. Just wanted to share :)) xxx

Way to go KirstynB...nice job!

Good for you!! Keep up the good work and you'll feel better everyday!

You rock the house, sister!!!

Good job!! Pat yourself on the back

That's a huge improvement and you have every reason to feel pride. Any control secrets to share?

so proud of you.
how did you do it?

:) Happy to hear! Well done!

Probably because i've started taking my short acting insulin more often as before i rarely took it. My bsl was always around 16-20 now its keeping around 5-10. I feel alot better in myself. Thanks for the comments! xxx

Keep up the great great work and taking the short acting insulin.