Wanted to share some GOOD NEWS! A1C was 6.7%!!! This is the lowest for me in about 15 years or more! My A1C was over 12 last year, was 8.1 in July so this is really HUGE for me!

The insulin with Victoza is working. I had to go to lowest dose of Victoza a few weeks ago as it was making me sick, so now I am hungrier but feel more myself and not so tired.

Here are some LAB results, some of these tests I have never had before, if any members could share some knowledge on interpretation it would be very helpful. I have learned so much from the members on this forum.

Albumin Random Urine <0.6 mg/dl
Creatinine Random Urine 88.1 mg/dl
Albumin/Creatinine Ratio <6.8 mg/G

TSH Ultrasensitive 1.9 ml/UL
Immunoglobulin A 95 mg/dl
Bilirubin 0.4 mg/dl

There are a bunch more and everything seems within range, some are close to the upper or lower end of range.



congrats on the good work!

Congrats on your great A1c improvement. And even more congratulations are in order for the mindset that energized this turn for the better!

I can’t help you with the labs, but if everything is in range, time to celebrate! Good work – keep it up!

Congratulations !!!

I remember when you first came here. It was a little over a year ago. You were so frustrated at the time. And you were really not crazy about insulin. I think you felt helpless against diabetes. After all this you should really look back at this year with some real pride in your personal accomplishment. It isn’t just getting your A1c down, it is feeling “empowered.” I’m so proud of you.


Thanks to everyone for the support and congratulations! I think my body is adjusting to insulin and I learned from this forum a calculation for insulin needs for body weight. I can’t recall the calculation but for me, I believe my body is making about 2/3 of insulin required each day and i have to take 10 units of insulin per day.

If anyone has that calculation can someone please post it?

Happy Thanksgiving!

So very, very happy for you and your success! It is amazing how making one little change can have a world of difference! Sometimes just walking around the block after dinner can help those stubborn post meal blood sugars or adjusting current medication dosing can help with side effects. Wow, can’t tell you how happy I am for you! Please celebrate your success, you’ve worked hard and deserve some major kudos! I hope your doctor was also majorly impressed!

Congratulations. Hard work does pay off.

Congrats, keep up the good work!

Very impressive A1c results! However, I can’t tell from your online identity whether you are male or female, nor can I tell whether you eat lots of meat every day, so it is less simple to interpret your urine creatinine levels. Normal values for men are 16 to 40 mg/dl, and for women they are 11 to 20 mg/dl per day. So your results are a little high, but you don’t mention how long you have had diabetes.

Sorry for the mistyping! Meant to say 16-40 mg/dl per kilogram of body weight for men, and 11-20 mg/dl per kilogram of body weight for women. So, depending on your weight, you should be fine.

Hi-I will update my profile. Female and I am eating ZERO meat, but lots of nuts and cheese and other protein. I also eat some eggs.


Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. Funny this was my first appointment with the new ENDO. She was like a drill sergeant. She did not seem impressed with my 6.7 A1C at all. She told me 6.5% is optimal and that 2-hour POST MEAL should be LESS than 140!! I said I thought it was <180!!

What are most diabetics shooting for 2-hour post meal? Curious hearing from the members as sometimes the doctors have very different responses! She also does not download meters and says all her patients write down their reading pre and post meals and bedtime… I have to do this for 2 weeks then send her the form.