Should I worry? 2 1/2 year old son is being tested for diabetes

My 2.5 year old son has been showing signs of diabetes…eating lots (going on for a while) newer symptoms tired/crankiness increased thirst (waking up thru the night crying for water) and having much wetter diapers…being that my husband is a type one diabetic we decided to test him this morning he took 2 bites of cereal an hour before testing and it came back 295. I immediately called the dr and they got him in. At first they were saying it could be due to the fact he was just recently sick and werent going to test…but after looking over his charts and seeing his weight curve took a slight dip they became more concerned and decided to draw an Ac1. The results should be becack tomorrow. Its now been 4 hours since he has ate and his level is 184…i know chances are high but the dr kept saying its still likey its just due to recent sickness. Any insight? Im a worried mama right now!

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Weeks of thirst followed by a reading of 295 does not sound like a transient blip. He definitely needs to be tested so you know for certain what you are (or aren’t) dealing with.

If he does in fact have diabetes, know that you’re in the right place. You won’t find a more supportive community (or a more knowledgeable one) anywhere.

Thinking good thoughts with fingers crossed!

Thank u so much for your response!! Im with u on the fact that it doesnt seem like a blip…im just confused on how the dr was about to write it off as just from being sick and not test at all!? Thank u for welcoming me to the community…if test comes back the way i think it may ill need the support for sure =) are there any certain times i should rest him so i can keep a log to better help dr and diagnosis? He is just now getting lunch almost 5 hours later and testing at 195 =/

Your worry is well-founded. Not knowing is the hardest part. Your toddler’s symptoms (thirst and heavily soaked diapers) combined with those high numbers and recent weight loss seems to point toward diabetes. Just know that there is a lot of support here. We can answer a lot of questions.

I have a few type 1 parents resources in mind if you need them. Social media has changed the landscape of peer support. Please keep us posted. I wish you the best.

A good starting point would be first thing in the morning, before eating and 2 hours after. If his BG is close to normal when he hasn’t eaten anything, it should be close to normal again by the time 2 hours have elapsed.

Of course, if it’s never close to normal no matter what, that alone should cause lights to flash and bells to ring.

glad you found us @ChalefanteMom

make sure his hands are clean when you check his bg.
I have some resources for families too.

i feel for you, @ChalefanteMom!
I am glad you found us! if your son ends up getting dxd with diabetes (which i unfortunately expect, those numbers are not normal for a healthy person, not even right after eating, so something must be wrong with his sugar metabolism), make sure to get referred to a pediatric endocrinologist to get the right care for your son.
all the best, hugs to you! know that this dx wont be the end of the world, your son is going to live a healthy, happy life no matter what!!!

i hope he is doing better. & you found a site that i love. the information and support from this site is so helpful.

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Hopefully your son has been correctly diagnosed and is receiving treatment by now. Because with the blood glucose readings you’ve posted, I have little doubt that your son has Type 1 diabetes, and delaying necessary treatment places him at risk of developing DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) which is life-threatening.

I wish the best for your son and your family! Please keep us posted.

You do have cause for worry. I would go to the Emergency Room of the closest children’s hospital (not adult), because they will know what they are dealing with. The largest children’s hospital near you. Children can get very sick very fast. I have never heard of an illness that would cause such high blood sugars, but I am not positive there can be no other reason. I strongly suspect Type 1. I do not think he should be treated at home while you wait for an appointment with a pediatric endo. He most likely will need IV fluids for hydration and, if he has Type 1, insulin. He should not wait. If Type 1, they will stabilize him in the hospital, train you, and the nurses will have you call in his numbers and give you a sliding scale. You , most likely, will not make decisions on his dosing at first. It can take a while to see a pedi endo but the hospital nurses and endo will take care of him until you can get an appointment. Don’t worry. You won’t be alone, particularly with his medical care. You will be calling in and the nurses, who are diabetes specialists, or CDEs and endo will be there for you even when you are discharged. God bless your family. I’m sure you will do a wonderful job keeping your son healthy. And he will adjust, you will be surprised at how tough and strong these kids are.

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for me my mom took me in to the er. & they had me stay for about a week to stabilize me. hope he is doing better.