Shoulda known better

I should know better than to crow about my son’s stable blood sugars, because of course, any time you tempt fate, you’re asking for trouble. Literally the day after I posted my last one, Eric’s blood sugars went high - growth spurt. I adjusted his basal very slightly to bring him back into line, and during the day the numbers have been good, but nonetheless I’ve had four nights in a row of problems - first, a midnight high because of too little insulin for his pre-bed snack (my bad), then a site that got pulled out by curious fingers (Eric’s bad, and mine somewhat for not nailing it down well enough with the cover sheet). Nights #3 & #4 had nothing to do with the pump–there was a lot of sleep talking involving phrases like “Nate, give it BACK!” which I suspect was a holdover from bathtime battles over toys.

*Sigh* it's always something, as Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say. Here's hoping for better sleep tonight!

This is so true. It’s been about three weeks since the stomach bug went through our house and I’ve been afraid to say out loud that Caleb is the only one who did not get it because I expect as soon as I do, he will be running to the bathroom throwing up all over the place. Okay, I said it. I’ll let you know what happens :wink:
I hope last night was better and you guys are back on track soon.

Oh, stomach bugs. I hate 'em. We were lucky that when swine flu came knocking, it was Nate that got it badly not Eric.