Shout out to Crystal Bowersox on American Idol

Last Wednesday (5/5) on American Idol, I think I heard the phrase "insulin pump" for the very first time on television. In case you didn't catch it, Crystal Bowersox, a final-four contestant on American Idol and fellow tudiabetes member, was practicing with the weekly mentor, Harry Connick, Jr.. She stopped during the rehearsal and started fiddling beside his piano and he said teasingly, "What now? Do you have someplace to be?", and she said, "No, it's just my insulin pump yelling at me," as she pushed the required buttons, as we all have many times... In a subsequent clip, Harry Connick Jr. revealed his embarrassment over his comment about her pump.

As far as I know, Crystal has never even mentioned the word "diabetes" on the show and I only knew she had type 1 when she had to miss an early episode due to "hospitalization related to her diabetes" (?). My guess is that she wants to keep this private issue private, as would I. But, this was a "candid shot" of Crystal, and as we all know, diabetes has a way of intruding on life at unexpected times. I'm so glad American Idol left that clip in, and that maybe after the millions of viewers saw it, a few more people have now heard of an insulin pump. I felt proud of her courage, relieved that she didn't seem embarrassed, and inspired by her poise.

Did anyone else catch this? If so, did you also have strong feelings about it?


P.S. Rock on, Mamasox!

I think that was the first time I’ve ever heard “insulin pump” uttered on tv by someone actually wearing one, except of course for news programs and such. It was so cool! btw, did you know she is a member of TuDiabetes? Go to Members on the top banner, and search for her name. naturally, she has been too busy lately to join in with us, but you can leave a comment on her page!

I missed it but I am so proud of her!!!

Anyone have a Youtube clip to it?
around the 2 min. mark

Thank You. Got to get to sound (my computer has none) and check this out!

That clip is hilarious!!

Very cool of Crystal. I was watching and didn’t catch it. I think she’s the best.

I saw it and hope it provoked some interest in people to know what this “pump” is. My daughter wears 2 tank tops and the underneath one has the built in bra and she will put her pump there sometimes. We were at the vet and she bent over to pick up her dog and you could see it. The vet asked if she always kept her phone that close to her? She told him it was her insulin pump…he was embarressed!!! Awareness is sweet!!!

I don’t watch Idol, but I am definitely pulling for Crystal. Go girl!!!

Much that I do not watch American Idol frequently, I did watch that particular episode since I’m a fan of Harry Connick Jr. and his music. And I did came across the “insulin pump” incident. And indeed…that is the first time I heard somebody said “insulin pump” on national TV!

Is it possible they edited that out for the later shows? I watched and rewatched and they never mentioned the insulin pump?

Didn’t know that Crystal was one of us! Cool.

Thanks for posting this.

So Crystal is down to the wire now. Did anybody see her on Idol 5/19/10. She did mention her diabetes and said something like this is the best control she’s ever had. I guess she’s getting good medical care while on the show.

Ya, I saw it, I thought it was wonderful, I missed the first part of tonights last show, my husband told me Bret Michael was on singing, I am wondering why he doesn’t use a pump. I fought it for years, because I thought it would be hard to live with cause I have a very active life. What a fool I was. I have been on one for four years and it has made my life sooooo much better.

Well, we now know the results!!! Crystal came in 2nd/runner-up, but I’m super duper proud of her and I love her voice!!! I wanted to attend the show, but I’ve been working 3 jobs to pay bills :frowning: I agree with her statement that both she and Lee will make very good careers because of the Idol show!!! CONGRATS, CRYSTAL!!! [;D

Can’t wait to hear and buy Crystal’s music. Crystal…best wishes for a fabulous future for you and your precious son.