Shuffling things on the TuDiabetes home page

We’ve been experimenting with a few things on the home page in the past couple of weeks, to better cater to the areas that most members come to the site for. These are the changes you will notice if you haven’t been to the site in a while:

-We’ve moved the Groups to the right column, under the listing of Our Other Programs. Groups are one of the most popular features on the community and we’re now dynamically displaying the ones with the Latest Activity.

-We’ve reverted to the Discussions with the most recent activity on the middle column, increasing the number of topics displayed to 15. This is another very popular area on the site.

-We changed Photos to a slideshow format, instead of thumbnails. Also, we’re now displaying Featured Photos instead of Most Recent Photos. We feel this will expose some of the great photos members share as well as make the home page so that uploads of many photos that are very similar to each other (such as multiple photos of the same event) won’t overcrowd the former thumbnail area.

-We’ve moved the Events listing to the bottom of the middle column, as this is a feature we’ve found to not be as visited by members.

-The list of Diabetes Resources we used to have on the left column has been consolidated. We now have them grouped into two pages:

  1. Nonprofit Diabetes Resources
  2. Links to other diabetes blogs and diabetes communities
    which we’ve included on the right column alongside our list of recommend Diabetes Books, below the list of Popular Items from the community.

We hope you find these changes useful. They were made with the goal of making your experience in TuDiabetes a more pleasant one, making things that you use more easier to find and locating them closer to the top of the home page and decreasing the prominence of less popular features/items.

No complaints from me here in the Peanut Gallery - all looks GREAT Manny!

How about a Who’s online button?

You mean something to allow you to quickly visualize all people that are online?

I love your website!!

It’s wonderful! Love the changes.