Migration update: New events page!

Hi everyone,

Check this out!! Below are images of the new, improved Events Page we're working on for the site migration. What you see here are:

  1. what it will look like when you click on the events tab in the top navigation
  2. what it looks like when you click on a specific event on the calendar
  3. what it looks like if you select to view it in list format, rather than calendar format

The goal here is to make our events page more engaging and easier to use. In addition to the calendar view and list view, this page will also support time zones!!! This means that you can automatically convert the times listed into your local time zone, rather than having to figure it out yourself. Woohoo!!

You can also check out sketches of our future home page, blogs page, video archive, and forum category structure. Remember that all of these pages are works in progress, and some things might change as we go along. You can also read some background information about the migration project, the features which will change in this process, and features we will gain.

Looks like it will do what you are after. But, I can't even begin to read the calendar version with my nose on the screen. Small type with very low contrast.

good point Randy. I can hardly read it myself.

That looks great! Agree with the size of print

In real life the calendar will be bigger and the print much clearer (I can't actually read it on the screenshots above, either, and I have no visual impairment). But as of right now the contrast won't be any different from what you see. That light blue is part of our branded color palette - which is why it's all over the place - and I'm bringing that up with our team as a potential issue with the entire site.

Thanks for the feedback!

Just another FYI on this (light blue small text). I think I was onhere for 4 or 5 months before I realized there were account links in the upper right of the page. Part of the problem is that I had to enlarge the page so much to read it that this was off the screen unless I scrolled sideways. But, I had to do this to read pages and still did not see the links for quite some time.

I truly understand branding, I come from that world. But this is truly a functional problem for some of us. One option MAY be to offer a "low vision" viewing option that would populate a different display format.