Shy Teen Girl Looking For New Friends

Hi all! I joined this site a few months ago, and if you look at my profile, you can see that I haven't used it much. Being very shy makes it hard for me to do these kind of things, and talking about my diabetes is pretty non-existent. My mom actually introduced me to this site, knowing about my shyness, and hoped that this would help a bit with it. So, finally, kind of my early New Years resolution, I plan to use this website to gain more confidence and overcome my shyness, not only for my diabetes but my overall shyness.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hey! Nothing wrong with being shy, I would love to help you overcome your shyness for your resolution! You can add me so we can message each other! My name is Caren and I'm 16 and I am on an insulin pump! :)

I think you have got off to a great start, just by posting. I hope you have a great New Year. And just like Caren said, there isn't anything wrong with being shy.

I used to be be shy too and also never talked about my diabetes but since I joined this site I have become more and more confident talking to people not just about my diabetes but in general! There is a lot of really friendly people on here who can help you with any problems as I found out! Hope this helps a little bit

Do you mind if I ask how this went for you? Currently struggling myself and I’ve nobody to talk to about things the whole diabetes thing kinda came out of the left field for me. I was reading this on meeting people in college which has helped a little but I don’t want to start talking heavy stuff with people I’ve just kinda met.

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hi @SaltArmour, welcome to our community! sounds like you’ve been recently diagnosed. I’ve made many friends here, and our members have been really helpful to me,especially talking about heavy stuff.

feel free to start your own topic on this, or look around, please join any conversation you find interesting or helpful

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