Silhouette infusion set accident?

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone has ever accidentally inserted their (Minimed) silhouette with the sil-serter and forgot to take the little blue plastic tube off of the needle? I was trying to hurry last night and change my infusion set while my kids were screaming ;) and I think I may have left that tube on. I looked at my site this morning and it is all bruised and it looks like their is a thin blue tube under the skin. I can't tell though because it also looks like it might be a hematoma. It's near my rear so I can't see it that well and I'm at home alone until this evening. I looked in the trash and didn't find the tube in their either. I did pull out the set and it bled a little. Is it possible to shoot that little tube under the skin with the needle?

I'm kind of freaking out a little bit...


I once did a similar thing with an Inset (same as MIO) infusion set. I did the set change & then my BG shot up, so I removed the set & there was the blue tube lieing on the surface of my skin under the sticky pad. Now I carefully put the blue tube to one side after removing it so I can double check I did that step. Obviously there was no way I got the tube under the skin as I found it under the pad, the canula was bent & not in the skin.

I just switched to silhouettes and didn't read the insert before attempting to start an infusion set; I went through 4 sets before realizing I had to take the blue cap thing off. They would not insert with it on. I hope this is some reassurance that you probably did remove the blue cap thing...