Silhouette infusion sets

my silhouette infusion sets have been on back order since december 21st, is anyone else having the same problem ? ! ? ! I have had to call medtronic twice to get emergency packets, two at a time !!! I am getting furious ! HELP !!!

Sorry to hear about this. Can they send you some free trials of another type of infusion set?

yes kristin, i have had some set sent from medtronic and now liberty is sending me some with the longer tubing, the 23’ inch is already to long , i just don’t understand how they don’t see the immediate need ! they act like i am ordering extra sandwich bags or something , i needed them two weeks ago , how can something this important to us be on BACK ORDER for that long ! thanks for responding, it is just so frustrating : )

My quick sets were on back order for the longest time. I’d get a box every month or so. Infuriating. I’d switch to another infusion set if you can for now, so you’re not anxious about whether you’ll run out. As if you need anything else to give you more anxiety with diabetes!

They’ve been sending my shipments piecemeal. The problem, I’ll bet, is that when the Lot 8 Quicksets were recalled, lots of QuickSet users freaked out and switched to the Silhouettes. They can’t keep up with the demand for Silhouettes (which are also my personal preference!)

I’m getting an order today , they told me they were sending me one box of the silhouettes in this order not the 4 boxes I’m supposed to get does anyone know if you can get them from the Veterans administration pharmacies?

Just placed my order and they said that it would ship (pending insurance check) in 14 days… good thing I have enough to get me through. They said if I needed free samples, they would ship it as long as I paid shipping.

I placed an order 2 days ago for the Quicksets. They are still slow at sending them out too. They said i would get about one box a month. How long does it take to make these things??

Sorrry for the bad new’s but Medtronics sent me four boxes of Silhouettes with the 43 inch tubing on or around the 15th of December???