Sinus pressure and digestion

Has anyone ever experienced problems with digestion while having sinus problems?

Allergens can affect both sinuses and your GI tract. Drugs like pepcid and zantac are actually antihistamines (H2 blockers; vs Zyrtec/Claritin etc being H1 blockers). So spring allergies could be causing both problems (and plenty of others, like fatigue etc).

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I haven’t been taking anything but advil. I dont remember having nausea this bad before. Yesterday when I ate an eggsalad sandwich my sugar didn’t start to rise until about 1hour 1/2 later. Pretty scary.

There’s your clue.

Advil, as an anti inflammatory, is known to cause GI upset and stomach pain. Best if taken with food.

I have found when I start reacting to a drug, it only gets worse. I have lots of allergies. It’s probably the advil because that is a side effect of that drug. But sinus allergies can cause mucus drainage that can collect in the gut and cause gas and some other misc issues, although I haven’t heard of stomach pain or nausea being caused from sinus allergies. Who knows, but since it’s a side effect of the Advil, I’d bet it was the Advil.

Wasn’t trying to suggest you were taking any of those meds; just using them to make the point that people often don’t recognize the role of histamines in GI function and thus the potential for environmental allergens to also cause GI problems. But certainly if you are taking advil/ibuprofen on an empty stomach, that’s a most obvious culprit to start with. You can also try adding an H2 blocker (Pepcid etc) when you take ibuprofen in addition to taking it with food.

I wasn’t taking advil on an empty stomach. I had my breakfast first then took it. The sinus pressure is all weather related because when we had that warm weekend it all went away and when the cold returned so did the symptoms.

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