Site change made a difference

Thanks everyone for the recommendations of different places to wear the CGMS. I was wearing mine on my stomach and hips. They would have wild swings from being low to being high when my blood sugars were actually between 85-110. Drove me crazy with the alarms especially at night. After reading how different women placed them on their arms and thighs, I decided to try both spots. Arms are a little tricky to do my yourself. Outside thighs were easier. I can’t believe how much a difference it has made. The sensor and the meter is always within 5-10 points of each other. I can also get nine days out of them. I could proably get more but I don’t want to damage the sites by leaving them in too long. Anyway thanks ladies it sure makes a difference.


arms ARE hard to do on my own
i caution you about doing your thighs - do NOT put a sensor on the top!
6 or so months ago, i put a sensor into the top of my thigh and hit a nerve, caused a burning pain to shoot down to my knee. (i still have pain from tome to time because of it)
also, your statement “I don’t want to damage the sites by leaving them in too long.” does not make much sense - the part that goes under your skin is disposable, you’re throwing them out anyway.
the transmitter (part that attaches to what goes under your skin) can’t be damaged because the sensor is under the skin too long.
Worst case scenario, you’ll get sensor errors, and your meter numbers won’t match with what your CGM is displaying


I am not concerned about the sensor, I am concerned about the area the sensor is in. I have enough problems with areas to place the pump sites. I alternating between the arms and the outside thigh area. Anyone tried the inside of the thigh. I try to stay away from the muscle on the top of the thigh.

Jenni -
I tried the inside of the thigh last week, and there must be something about the way the skin stretches as the legs open and close because the sensor wire worked its way out of the skin enough to create a series of “Lost Sensor” messages. I tried gently easing it back under the skin but the messages continued, so I finally pulled it out. I will try the outside thigh next time…I would think the skin in that area would stay pretty constant with movement. Glad it worked for you!