Site Infection... How do you treat it?

Hello everyone! This is probably TMI but it's my first time happening where I get an infection and it's not in the best place. I put the site on the upper side of my butt (looking for fatty tissue) and at first it worked GREAT but then it started to hurt A LOT and I took it out at the second or third day and it still hurt. I come to look at it and it's red, swollen, and when I feel within the's as big as a grape. I've been putting Neosporin on it but what do you guys do? Should I rub the "grape" or what? I don't want to have to get surgery or anything. Does anyone know why it happened?


It sounds as though you might have an infected hair follicle/pore. I would start with a hot compress, then treat it with an acne cream. If it persists, try and get into see a dermatologist, or your primary care/nurse practitioner.

Infections do happen from time to time. I usually treat it as you have been doing, and yes, I use the upper side of my butt, too. It's all part of the site rotation plan. Keep up the good work!

Hi Mike! Thank you so much for your response. So sorry I hadn't replied. I got back to school (summer classes) and with work and I've been crazy. But THANK YOU for letting me know that I'm not the only one.

I treated it with Neosporin, alcohol swabs and the acne cream that you said. It went away and just left a mark.