Size of Dexcom G6 transmitter compared to G4

My Dexcom rep has totally ghosted on me because they’re so busy. Before I place my order for the new system, I am wondering how the size and thickness of the G6 transmitter compares to the G4. I never used the G5 system because I hated the thicker transmitter. I am hoping the G6 is not any larger or thicker than the G4. Can somebody please confirm? Descriptions and/or photos would be helpful! Everything I found so far only compares it to the G5.

Here are the size comparisons.


It’s more thin than the G4 (I was using my last G4 a couple weeks ago, before switching to the G5, so it’s still fresh in my mind)

I just started on my G6 on Wednesday and love how much it doesn’t stick out!

I don’t know about the transmitter but I saw the sensor injection thingy in person at my doc last week and it is HUGE, about 6 x the size of the old sensors. They are crazy, such a terrible move on dexcoms part. I dont know how I will fit this in my purse with everything else I need to carry if I switch to G6 which I beleive we will all be forced to eventually. For people like me who can’t go without a dex and who need to carry an extra sensor for when we are out this is a big issue. It is going to take up a whole pocket in my oversize purse which already weighs a ton and causes back, arm, shoulder pain etc.

My cde said the design has something to do with needle phobes, I find that hard to believe.

I have been on the G6 for about 40-days. I too was put off by the size of the applicator. But, it makes application of the sensor so much easier! In the past with the G5, I have had difficulty trying to put the sensor in my upper arm (yes, I know this may not be an officially approved site). With the G6 applicator, it is trivial.

Also, I need to calibrate the G6 sensor less often than the once-a-day G5 calibration; but, I still calibrate, especially when I am in doubt of the reading. Of course, I have only been using for 40-days, so my mileage and yours may vary :wink:

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omg i have a huge purse too and everyone complains about it but i start pulling things out and I’m like, which would you prefer me to go without today??

does anyone know if it will be possible to buy an extra inserter? because i would keep one at work and one at home. i doubt i would personally need more than that, although keeping one in your car might be an option for other people.

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I’m not understanding your question. The G5 and G6 include an inserter with each sensor.

Shows how much I know.
For whatever reason I was under the impression that inserter was something you reused, not that it came with each sensor.

Thanks for clarifying!

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Due to the monstrous size of the inserter, it should be resusable but I believe as usual each sensor will be incased in that monstrosity, the shipping costs will be larger and there will be more crap to throw into the environment. Not to mention the bulk and inconvenience for those of us who need it badly enough to have to carry extra sensors around.

G5 is calibrated 2 x I believe. I have no problems inserting with the old one, I use my thighs. I did once have a problem on my arm. None of that justifies the crazy size of this thing. They should have made it smaller with a smaller needle.