G6 Dexcom vs G5 much smaller?

Has anyone switched over from the Dexcom G5 to G6? Is the transmitter a much smaller profile? I have always worn Medtronic sensors and tried the G5, however, felt like the profile was so high I kept bumping it on things. I was hoping the G6 was more ergonomic or smaller to consider a switch to Dexcom from Medtronic. (In the meantime I have ordered the new Medtronic Connect Guardian as it is 100% covered bc I work for Medtronic. I am still open to Dexcom if it is superior after the insurance reset in January).


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Where are you wearing the G5 that you keep bumping it? I’ve been wearing one every day since last september and I have no issues with bumping it.

I have seen images showing the G6 to be smaller, lower profile on skin. However the inserter device, now spring loaded is larger.

I’m also interested in this, which mentions an even smaller device later this year.


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I usually wear the sensors on my back near/above my waist because it stays out of my way better than on my stomach. I like that the Medtronic is curved rather than a rectangle for ergonomic reasons. Of course a secondary bias is that my sensors are covered 100% with my insurance since I work for Medtronic and Dexcom would be a co-insurance. My doctor really likes the DexCom and I am open to spending the money if it is truly superior to Medtronic. I am also considering trying for a baby at the beginning of next year so the best technology is important.

I tried the Dexom G5 for a few weeks then returned it last year. Otherwise I have worn exclusively Medtronic CGM for the past 7 years.

Thank you! It does look smaller in the pictures. I did like the ability to send data to iphone and the ease of integration with Tidepool. The inserter being larger is not a big deal at all, just the profile of the actual sensor.

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I hated the Medtronic sensors. Wore them for about a year; both the Sof Sensors, and the Enlites, which were supposed to be better than the former. Neither worked well for me. They were both random number generators. MM replaced no less than 22 of them in 12 months. I spent an inordinate amount of my time dealing with those failures. I have almost zero trouble with G5’s plus they are covered 100% for me with Medicare and the supplement. It’s a win/win for me.

Good Morning,
I switched over to the G6 last week from Medtronics but used Dexcom G5 prior to that. Yes, the new G6 is much smaller and I forget it is even on! I didn’t think the G5 was too bad, but was surprised at how much smaller the G6 is in comparison. I LOVE not having to use finger sticks! The inserter is big but I was very impressed with how painless it is!


Wait so there are no finger sticks at all? I thought it was 1 calibration per day?

none required, BUT many people find they must calibrate the g6 or it is often inaccurate. Bummer, eh?

I guess that’s an improvement?

How has the signal strength of the G6 been compared to the G5?

I ran a test for the first 3 days and the G6 was within 10 points of the Blood stick reading. The Medtronics was more than 30 points off! The signal strength seems the same for the G6. It reconnected quickly after swimming and worked if I was not that far in the water. Remember, your limiting factor will be your blue tooth signal (about 30 feet)- as that is how the sensor communicates with your phone or receiver. So, if you walk out of the room, the phone will not pick up the readings because the blue tooth signal will be lost. However, when you come back into proximity to the phone, it will reconnect and all information will be transmitted to the phone. As mentioned, you always have the option to calibrate the sensor if you wish.

I am a one year G5 user and just placed my order to upgrade to the G6 … once I’ve used the new version for a month or two will let everybody know of my experience.

Yeah so for me, very often it loses signal even less than a foot from the transmitter. And during the winter when I may be wearing a couple layers (not even that thick) it can be right next to it and still not connect. I for sure never get 30 ft of signal lol. I was hoping maybe the signal strength on the G6 would be increased.