G6, is anyone an early user?

We have been seeing tons of pictures and videos of some G6 early adapters, anyone here using it already?

plenty of G6 comments on Facebook. So far no one has mentioned a way to bypass the 10 day limit which will involve modifying the “clip” at the end of the sensor attachment, that has to bend about 90 degrees after removal from the body, to separate the xmitter from the sensor which is what is needed to fool the receiver that one is installing a new sensor. Folks have mistakenly thought that each sensor had a different number. seems thats not true–an entire box or shipment of sensors have the same code, so it’s not a code issue that prevents restarts.

Once someone finds a viable technique for easily modifying the clip, others can copy that method


Yes! We got one at the Beyond Type 1 office and one of our staff members has been using it.

There are two things I worry about:

That automatic upgrade
Sensor shutoff

Also we will be creating SO much waste with that bulky inserter!


Agreed - that never made sense. If the sensor had some sort of electronic ID embedded within it then there would never have been the need to enter a sensor id into the receiver.
As has been hypothesized previously, I continue to believe the sensor itself is electronically “dumb”.


Crossing my fingers here, we get more than those 10 days out of them!

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I think enough effort was put in place to stop the majority of the public and satisfy the FDA for what they (FDA) felt was necessary for the no-calibration. However this by no means seems like excessive effort was put in place to make the “10-day stop” bullet proof.

I really think there will be an approach before the 4th of July.

Once it hits general release (June 4th) and people get their hands on it - people gonna play.


WHY is that needed? I’ve never removed my G4 transmitter from the sensor to make it think there’s a new sensor? Is this something I’m unaware of (because I’ve never used the G5) ? Seems like if the sensor is electronically “dumb” (likely) that just not entering an ID should allow a restart…


It is not about the G5 but rather changes made very specifically with the G6.

The G4 and G5 are quite similar. Really the same product line with the G5 being an improved model (of the same line) over the G4.

The G6 is a new beast. A simple stop/start has been (reportedly which I believe) coded so as to not be allowed. Hence the discussion of an alternative approach which would be a work-around to the FDA/Dexcom G6 restrictions.

For example, it would be a trivial piece of code to let the transmitter “remember” that it was just in a session with a sensor and that sensor has not been physically and electrically disconnected hence a “START” is really asking to resume on the same sensor. I simply assume this was put in place as it would be too obvious not to include something this simple.

Heh, simple solutions are often (intentionally?) overlooked. I’m just commenting because there was some info out there that the 10-day restriction enforcement would only be for ID-entered sessions that require no calibrations. No ID + calibrations might still allow off-label restarts.

Note: for some folks (like me!) a 10-day session is extremely inconvenient – I want to start/stop sessions on approx. the same (mid-week) day of the week.

If it was legit, I am sure Dexcom would have made mention of that. I don’t think they left any room for doubt as to the intention of the FDA/Dexcom in this regard.

I am agreeing with what Dave posted above that the most likely solution involves a physical cut of the sensor housing clip or something along those lines so as to allow a physical removal and reattachment of the transmitter back into the sensor housing.

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I’ve only been following this whole topic somewhat intermittently, so just to be clear: once the release date has been passed, anyone going to refill their transmitter order is automatically going to get “upgraded” to a G6 even if they’d prefer staying with the G5 (or G4)–i.e., the older systems are effectively discontinued?

That is what have understood from posts and other communications. If it is true a lot of us will be affected. Personally, we have a bunch of sensors still. :thinking:

I understand that is being said about the automatic upgrade but I don’t believe it. It just doesn’t make sense for multiple reasons.

BTW - Dexcom conference call today 30 minutes after the markets close. 4:30 PM ET.
Usually interesting information.


Dexcom rep assured me that the automatic upgrade will not be applied without notification, plus will not apply to people using the Animas Vibe or t:slim pumps that only support G4. He said the staff had been briefed in this that day.

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Yes, I’m well over-supplied with sensors too, thanks to roll-overs. For me it’s not an issue of expense–my insurance is good–but I just like to put off having to futz around with changing them as long as possible. Which in my case is two weeks, because that’s about how long I can keep 'em stuck on before the re-taping becomes ridiculous. I also don’t give a fart about calibrating. Things like the G5 consistently registering ~10-20 points low through the a.m., particularly, cause me to always want the greater certainty of fingersticks anyway.

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We are on the same boat! :crazy_face:

Are the investors the only ones who ask questions? It would be nice if the “automatic upgrade” specifics could be laid out.

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Not sure but I think only the analysts can ask questions.
I actually never tried - lol. But I never heard a “regular” person asking anything.

I just called and talked with Dex customer service regarding the “automatic upgrade” program. It only applies to G5 users who reorder following their warranty expiration. I didn’t think of it at the time but the Medicare users will not be a part of that program until Medicare decides that the G6 is eligible for Medicare coverage. That could take a while.

I asked if she knew of any end dates for their G4 tech. She said that the Tandem and Vibe customers will be supported until their pump warranty expires. I followed up with a question about the non-pump G4 users like me. She said nothing is known now and that she didn’t know of any end date for this group.

I’ll be curious to read your comments after the investor community meeting takes place this afternoon.


Not sure if it is so much that Medicare has to decide on it as opposed to pricing.
On the last conference call, the Dex CEO specifically made mention of needing new contracts for the Medicare business for the G6.

Remember - the conference call is open to the public. Anybody can listen in. (Even if they only let the analysts ask questions!!!)