Skin Fungus Problems

Does anyone have solutions for persistent skin fungus? I’ve used Clotrimazole & Bethamethasone cream & a powder anti fungal, it goes away but once you stop it comes back. Help

Have you seen a dermatologist? I once got ringworm (a fungal skin infection) and nothing topical worked. I had to take an oral anti-fungal medication for two weeks, but it got rid of it once and for all.

Google “fungal meds”. I’ve had ringworm and ketoconazole eradicated it but it took weeks of daily use. I’ve had yeast infections. Topical ointment when it was bad, didn’t get rid of it, but the pill form of ketoconazole got rid of it for a long time. Small flareups of mine have been tamed by topical ketoconazole. Don’t get the pills unless u have an intractable case of fungal infection. It is hard on the organs and docs don’t turn to that as a first method of treatment. They also don’t want to prescribe it a second time, any time soon after the first treatment. Always try topicals first!!!

There are lots of other meds for yeast/fungal infections. check google.

Not quite the same, but I have a screen infection issue that comes and goes. My dermatologist finally gave me a a dose of Keflex. To this day I get it renewed each year and almost never use it, but wow when it starts, I am so glad i have it.

Try to find the source. I used to constantly suffer with toe nail fungus and athletes foot. I am on a pool deck often and I wear flip flops.

After my celiac disease diagnosis, I went on a prescribed gluten free diet which healed my gut allowing me to absorb nutrients. I also went LCHF for my blood sugar. Now, I never get a fungal infection. Improving my immune system with dietary changes and treating my autoimmune disorders has done wonders. As a bonus, I no longer suffer from allergies ragweed, cats, etc) and my eczema is gone as well.