Skin Irritation?

Has anyone experienced skin irritation from the pod? I have super-dry skin. When I take off a pod, I slather the area with lotion. The place where the pod was will itch like crazy for days. And eventually I will end up with a patch of really scratchy dry skin, almost scab-like, shaped like the pod. I never re-use the area until it is all cleared up. But the irritations seem to get worse over time. I would love to hear any suggestions! Thanks.

I get skin irritation only on my abdomen having the pod on. Try skin-prep, It has help me with the irritation, just apply before putting the pod, let it dry and the put the pod.

I got mine here.

I agree with Tony. Alcohol preps could dry your skin out. I use IV preps to prepare the area, make it sticky, and provide a light barrier. Even better than that, so I hear, is skin tac, which creates a barrier between your skin and the pod. You might try that. Also, Amy T at diabetesmine suffers severe skin irritation from the pods and has some suggestions on her site.

I used to use IV-Prep and found that it was drying my skin out a little. Skin-Prep is supposed to be hypo-allergenic and my supply company now ships it to me instead of the IV-Prep. I’ve also heard of some using IV Pads under their infusion sites to reduce irritation. I’m not really sure how this works but I guess they stick to the skin and then the pods would stick to them? If you search in the insulin pump area or the CGM area you may find someone to ask about these. I hope you find something that works!

You could try Tegaderm…it’s a thin transparent film that you could lay down on your skin prior to applying the pod over that.

Thanks very much, ya’ll! I have avoided the Skin Prep and Skin Tac because I thought they were primarily used when someone had trouble keeping the pod on/keeping the adhesive “stuck” to the skin. It makes sense that it would also provide a barrier. I’ll give it a shot!

Skin-prep creates a barrier to help prevent skin irritation and helps to better adhesive too. Skin-tac is a skin adhesive just like mastisol. Try the skin-prep it has worked for me.