Skincare and Diabetes

Hi guys, I’m wondering if there are any specific measures I should be taking to care for my skin especially now that I am diabetic. I’m worried as I presently have pretty good skin which tends to be a bit dry. I never moisturized before I was diagnosed, but give my arms and legs an especially good rubdown with body lotion at least twice a week now.Is it true that as diabetics, our skin could get drier easily? What effect does diabetes have on our skin? I’m also asking partly because I can be quite the vainpot.

Hi Daena. I’ve read a bit that for some T1s dry skin can be a bit of a problem, particularly as the condition progresses. I don’t know if you suffered the same as me pre-diagnosis, but I was Mr Flakey for a good few months. Once I was on insulin, it all cleared up pretty much overnight (joyful, joyful days). If I’m right about this (and I’d be the first to admit etc etc), dry skin is a “complication” of diabetes and so I’d guess the absolute best way to avoid it is to Watch Those Sugars. Beats moisturising.


Real Men Know What Their T-Zone Is. Or ask their partners.

I have had terrible problems with dry skin, especially on my hands and feet. I was told it was psoriasis and it predates my diagnosis by several years, but who knows what my BG was like during those years. It isn’t any better now that my BG is lower. Dr. Bernstein recommends mink oil, but it is really expensive. Has anyone tried it? I have been using heavy duty dry skin lotion and occasionally prescription strength hydrocortisone cream. I have read that steroid cream can actually cause high blood pressure and BG so I would like to find a good alternative. Any suggestions?

I started a thread about henna on feet. My feet were so dry, especially my heels. I tried what my son-in-law says they do in Morocco and put henna on my feet. WOW nice! I have have smooth feet now! My thread is in alternative treatments section, go look! And ask me questions on ‘my page’, Libby! It works!! If it is truly psoriasis you have, mango butter works for that!

this may be waaaayyyyy TMI but…

  1. I know if my blood sugars are high, my face breaks out uber bad…like im going to hide in my room bad.
  2. I shower at night (and in the morning, obviously) and after my night shower i apply a light lotion to my hands and most of my feet (minus toes!) and then a thicker moisterizer to the rest of me and once all the lotion is dry I hop into bed sans pjs. My reasoning: well the pump is roaming (i find if i attach it to my pants and roll over on it, it hurts my hip bones and wakes me up!) and there is nothing to constrict blood flow anywhere, unless you really toss and turn…but thats a whole other story!
  3. Avoid the sun, like no tanning. it may look good now, but you will be looking better than everyone when you are old! ha!
  4. Sunscreen. 'nuff said.

thats all i can think of for now…

thanks all for your responses, they’ve been very helpful! :slight_smile:

i live in singapore and the weather is very warm and humid due to the tropical climate. as a result, i tend to perspire quite a bit when i am outdoors. what should i do to care for my skin in this situation?

also, is it necessary to get soap for sensitive skin, such as baby bath?

ross, love that last statement. and i read it while ‘multi-tasking’ during a lecture! oh gosh, i am so glad i didn’t burst out laughing!

as for the humidity, try baby powder. My family does that here in the summer. Just either dust your sweaty parts in it, or do like we do and sprinkle it in your bed before sleeping (also prevents sheets from sticking to you)

as for the sensitive skin stuff, i guess its all just a personal preference.