Sleep and diabetes?

I've spent 12 of the last 15 years getting up at 3am for work. I also have two young children. My husband has asked me to refrain from the comment, "I'm tired." At this point, it's like saying, "I'm breathing."

I'm really starting to get concerned about my six year old son, though. He's just never slept well. His older sister slept through the night at 3 months and never looked back, but Benny still gets up at least once almost every night. Lea sleeps until 7:30 most mornings; Benny spent two years getting up at 5am. He's now sleeping in, usually until at least 6. Whew.

I keep wondering whether Benny's sleep issues are related to type 1 diabetes (he was diagnosed at 23 months).

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I slept deeply & soundly my entire life until I was diagnosed T1. Now, I rarely sleep through the night. I can’t help but think that changing BG during the night effects sleep. How are Benny’s readings when he wakes up? Some people awaken from highs & lows wake others.