Sleeping on pump - night time highs

So, I thought these delicious boneless mild wings were causing horrible nighttime spikes, then I thought it was some bad insulin or maybe a bad site, now that I’ve ruled all of that out, I’m wondering if it could be because I’m sleeping on my pump sometimes. I usually clip it to my waistband, face in, kind of in the front of my PJs or underdrawers. I’m not getting any occlusion alarms. Corrections weren’t working very well in these instances until last night when I laid the pump next to me to sleep. It worked just fine after that. I’m going to lay it next to me tonight and see how I do.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this or some experience or wisdom they could share about the dangers (maybe) of sleeping on top of the pump.

I would doubt that sleeping on your pump would cause a problem, many pumps are designed to withstand a fairly significant amount of pressure (up to at least 30 pounds per square inch).

You might want to try an experiment where you unclip the tubing from your infusion set and bolus 0.1 or 0.2 units, while watching the insulin coming out of the tubing. Then, repeat the same process while lying on the pump.

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i sleep on my pump every night w/out any problems at all. but, i don’t tuck it into my PJs; i wear it clipped to my waistband facing out. i wear it between my right hip (i sleep on my right side facing left) and my pelvic area. i find this the most comfortable way to wear it, also taking into account of rolling over on it…not b/c that would interfere w/ the pump, but just b/c it wouldn’t be as comfortable. some people use the longer tubing and place their pump on the bedside table/nightstand.

hope this helps. good luck,
daisy mae

ps: maybe your basal setting for the nighties are off???

On a normal night my basal rates are fine. Most of the time I stay nice and steady throughout the night. I don’t know, I just can’t figure this one out. Last night I just laid my pump on the bed next to me and I didn’t have any problems, I was a little afraid of ripping the thing out but apparently I don’t roll over much in my sleep.

I sleep on my pump and infusion sits every night…
1). Absorption can very from one infusion set to the next…pumping insulin is not going to give you perfect always predictable results…that’s why many of us use a CGM to steer our BG down a somewhat winding road…
2). Many tend to eat high Quality Protein at supper time and it can cause steamy resistant high BG in the middle of the night so try eating earlier in the evening so your BG is back on target and you have no IOB at bead time. If your not on target at bead time you will have just increased your chances of having a unexpected BG event during the night.



What John said.

I very rarely go to bed with any IOB nor do I go to sleep with a high BG (too risky, to me). I’m going to start writing down when it happens though. I work second shift, so 4 - 5 days a week I go to bed between midnight and 1 in the morning, on my days off I go to bed around 10 or so. I’ll have to see if it happens at the same time every night, or if it happens a specific amount of time after I go to sleep. Luckily it isn’t an every night thing. Who knows, maybe it’s just one of those D things.


It seems like you have some knowledge on protein before bed and restultant, persistent high bg. Lately I’ve been a whey protein shake right before bed. It seems to rise while I sleep, fairly predictably and even using a TAG bolus hasn’t seemed to help. I’m going to try to drinkl it a few hours earlier and see what happens but I’m also wondering if my correction/bolus ration for TAGging needs to be adjusted. What do you think?

i sleep on my pod, ever night,. & so far no Problems,.