Good morning. Sitting here waiting for my 12 year old to call me from a sleepover. I last spoke with him at 11:45 last night, his bs was 128 and I told him to have a snack but who knows if he did?!?! He is capable of managing his Diabetes but only when he remembers or wants to. I don’t sleep well if I can’t check his bs during the night and last night was particularly restless for me. It sucks cause he doesn’t often get invited to sleepovers and you would think it would be a nice break for me but it’s not. I chat with family members about the stress of Jex going out and being social but they can’t fully understand what it’s like, so I figured I would reach out here. Feels better just writing about it. How do you deal with sleepovers?

i mean im not sure if that is uplifting or not, but i think what can help is that there cant really happen something big.
if he goes low or high for that short time away from you, its not gonna kill him. a one time DKA or severe low is not the end of the world. knowing that there is somebody over there who knows what to do in case of an emergency can calm your nerves as well i think. mom or dad of his friend?
also, i think trusting him that he eats if you tell him so is the basis of a good relationship with your son anyway.
not sure if you have seen this video, maybe you find it useful!
take care

Thanks for the input! I really don’t know why I still check him at night, just become a habit I guess. And you are right in that nothing big is gonna happen in that short time. After all, he has never had that low of a reading at night when he is home, why would he somewhere else?
Thanks for the link to the video. Only had time to watch a bit of it but am excited to finish it tonight when I get home!

great! i am 18 and was dxd 10 yrs ago, so my mom has been through the same, but not me… thank god! i really admire you moms and dads, you are doing an outstanding job!
wishing you luck!

i can so relate to what you are going through, my son is 15 diag at 10 we denied him sleep overs initially as my big fear was he would do novolog instead on lantus at bed time! plus he didn't have that many offers or much desire at that point, now he is on pump and has had a few the last year or two the first one i was a basket case and ended up going over to his friends house at like 11 am since i hadn't heard from him and cried in front of his mom's friend! luckily she is a very kind women and perhaps it gave her a taste of what parents of diabetic children go through. since that one i have learned to let go a bit more and trust! only having him contact me if he is having an issue, gearing up towards college in just a few years i need to do this for myself and him. yesterday he went off to an all day event with school at a college and i was nervous but also happy he had this opportunity. he tested and boluses twice while there then had a snack on the way home and was to busy having fun and forgot to bolus he was 370 for dinner eeekkss i tried to let the high blood sugar be enough for him to realize he made a mistake as he obviously knew, these are the way they learn i guess not by us hovering and dictating their every move. that being said if he is going to a sleep over or an all day event, now in ski club another chance for him to grow and me to try not to worry!, i suggest he try to run himself a bit higher i would rather see him wake up from that sleepover in the 200's than run low. most of his experiences away from us are running higher and very rarely low. I so get your fear and admire you for letting him go, sorry i didn't see this post sooner, i don't check in here quite as much as i used to, i hope everything went well and it was an opportunity for both of you to grow in confidence. like you i know my friend and coworkers just don't get the constant concern over our children, this sight is so good for being heard, supported and sharing. best of luck. amy

Hey, you are a mom to a child who has a lifetime disease. You have learned and I assuming from day one that you as mom will be the one doing the checking as he is a child. But now that he is old enough to be out on his own for a night....those habits are hard to break. I don't know this from experience of having a child with diabetes, but from being a mom and having a very good friend with a child who is T1. So you've taught him what to do, how to take his bs's, how to take whatever he uses for meds; good and bad eats and drinks.....other than going to the sleepover what could you really do? The only thing I can think of that would not embarass your son (and maybe you) it a mini lesson to the mother or father where he is staying. You don't want to draw attention to him in a major way, but like a med alert bracelet at least knowing that they know what to do "just in case" After that, it's up to him, God and your excellent teaching. As mom's that's about all we can do....and then hope that they remember what they've learned, and then say a prayer for him. I sincerely doubt that you will get a good night sleep until you have done this for awhile, my sons are 31 and 26 one is married and one is on his own....I still have nights where I don't get sleep, simply cause I worry and I am their mom....and we don't have to deal with the diabetes demon. Good luck,

Thanks for the input! I do understand about letting go and trusting him, I think that is what had me down that particular day. Knowing that I have to let it go and not being able to. That and being overly tired had me overly emotional. I too have older children--31, 22 and 20, all out of the house with families of their own. I hadn't really thought recently about how I DON'T worry about them much anymore, till I read your post. So there is hope for me with my 12 yr old Diabetic!

Yes there is....and never forget it