Small change in layout


Just wanted to let you know I exchanged the position of the blog posts and the forums on the home page, since there were so many cool posts made by new (and not so new) members that were buried “below the fold” (meaning you had to scroll quite a bit to get to them). Since the discussion forums are all easily accessible through the “Forum” button at the top, I thought it would be OK to put those second.


Great idea, i like seeing MY post on top :slight_smile: and seeing others opinions and thoughts. Is there any Monitoring on those? If someone decided to slander Manny because he didnt update an app at 4 a.m. do you have any control over taking that off of the main page?


Yes, as an Admin, I can pretty much remove anything anybody posts that would be inappropriate. Although things have been awesome so far, knowing what I know about online communities, I was thinking I should soon be putting together some guidelines for the cases that I know will happen, when someone “looses” it and starts virtually slamming other people for no reason, etc.