Smart Watch Compatibility

Would like to know if anyone using Tandem T:slim X2 pump and DEXCOM G6 got a Smart Watch for Christmas that is working with their pump and CGM? Please share your experience and brand of watch. Does it work with the DEXCOM APP? I read something about the watch needing a changeable face? I do understand that the watches communicate with the phones and then the watch.

I am looking at the Fitbit Versa. Any other suggestions appreciated.

Check Github forums and FB forums. Github has lots of technical info and help for that sort of thing.

I just got a Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR. I got a refurbished model on their website for $138.00 & free shipping. It comes with a two year warranty too. Customer service is the best you will even find today. I got free next day shipping during the holidays too. It uses Google Wear OS and works great with Dexcom’s G6 mobile app. Dexcom mobile app downloads a watchface with current BG reading and graph of the previous three hous results. Its very simple to set up and use. I use mine with a android phone (Galaxy S8 plus) but I believe it also works with iOS phones using Google’s Wear OS too. Just make sure your phone is on Dexcom’s G6 compatibility list to ensure it works with the G6 mobile app.

Don’t forget u can use another app with Dexcom CGM’s: xDrip. I can’t stand the Android version of Dexcom so I use xDrip–it has so many more features it is shameful that Dexcom didn’t incorporate such features.

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