Which Android watches work with Dexcom6

I have a been a Type1 Diabetic for 47 years and love all of the new technologies that make my life so much easier. I have used Dexcom CGMs for several years. I am currently using the G6 and can monitor my numbers on my Android phone. I am wanting to use an Android watch and was wondering if anyone is currently using an Android watch and which one you would recommend.

Depends on your definition of works. Anything running Android Wear will let you see the bg level on the watch. It of course will give you all the alerts as well. The Samsung Galaxy watches are not approved by the FDA, because Dexcom did not submit Tizen to them for approval. My Galaxy watch gives me all the alerts, but it does not display BG levels at all.

Do you want a standalone watch which would not require phone to also be present?

I currently use the ticwatch e however, the battery will only last 12-20 hours depending on how often I wake it up, I also have to reset it every now and then, but it does work well with xdrip watchface due to android wear/Google wear…the amazefit bip looks good for about $80, although I would also purchase the silicone case to protect it from every day scratches, or the allcall since it runs android… with the G6, you might also look into xdrip before or after you decide on a watch… if it won’t work with the Dexcom app, xdrip might work instead. The watch is a lot more convenient than your phone, and more discrete. Definitely my favorite tech purchase.

Thank you, roger5, for the information. I have never heard of those watches before. I will check into those.

Ok, if you have the Galaxy Gear watch, you CAN get BG numbers.
Only thing is, you need to do a little more work than just downloading an app.
I had to get Watchmaker, and it’s companion app (which costs a couple dollars.)
Then you need to have Tasker, which also costs a couple dollars I think.
Autonotification is another app, but that might be free?

I did this and created a BASIC watch that shows the date, time, BG and watch battery. It was actually very easy once I figured out what they were wanting me to do.
I did find a super easy tutorial on how to get the information from Tasker into watchmaker. This is what made all the difference for making my first watch.
Here is a link to what is looking like now (still experimenting with it obviously.)Watchface for Dexcom G6 on Tizen

Forgot a Picture.

Just an FYI. Whichever watch you try should at least start with Google wear os or android wear…the amazefit bip will not work, I tried it and the Amazon descriptions or specs are wrong, it has its own operating system and is not android…you might still need xdrip also…

Yeah, the Wear OS is better to get if you don’t already have a watch.
I already had the Gear 3, so I had to make a work around.