Smash Diabetes!

There's a creative new awareness- and fund-raising campaign just begun by, called "Smash Diabetes". Most of us probably want to do that from time to time, right? Smash Diabetes is open to all—whether you have type 1 or type 2, or are a family member, friend, or supporter of someone with diabetes -- and funds raised through the effort will support Glu's and T1D Exchange’s mission to advance type 1 diabetes research.

Here's what it is and how to participate:

Smash Diabetes is all about giving visibility to an invisible disease and sharing with the world how much diabetes stinks. It’s about showing the world how frustrating it is to live with the never-ending grind behind the scenes. Sure, we can eat candy on Halloween, Easter, and those other commercialized, sugar-saturated holidays, but it poses a set of challenges that most people don’t understand.

This November, to kick off Diabetes Awareness Month, we encourage everyone to Smash Diabetes by creatively (and safely*) smashing a pumpkin, or other autumn-esque objects, to represent the daily frustration of living with diabetes and desire to support those affected by diabetes and advance critical research.

I have to confess that my first thought when I read about this was "that's wasteful! We could make pie out of those pumpkins!". But actually, no we can't. They get scorched and moldy and gross. So now I think this: "let's film ourselves showing those moldy pumpkins (and the world) how we feel about diabetes!"

YES!! Let's do it!

So appropriate with all these pumpkins sitting around post-Halloween! Yes, diabetes can be frustrating and taking that frustration out in a fun way on an old pumpkin seems like a great idea! Some great videos out there - crack me up!


Speaking of which, Mark Ruffalo really nailed it as Bruce Banner in the Avengers.


True, true. He certainly did.

I love to smash "pump"kins!!