Smoothie Questions

Hi All,
I’d like to have your input on the idea of an occasional smoothie.
:slight_smile: I’ve been exploring around the web and discovered some that seem more nutritious than others.
Fruit Smoothies? sigh… I think they are probably not ok… depending on if you have the option to use insulin to balance; which type2’s dont.:frowning:
Green Smoothies:) I think we can probably all handle.
My question is : Do you think it would be ok to partake of a Green/Fruit Smoothie for a type2?
Being aware that any fruits when they are blended turn all the fiber into pure sugar in our system a whole lot faster…
I’m aware that some fruits when eaten fresh/whole digest slow enough that the bs numbers dont spike so high.
I’m wondering if adding just a little bit of fruit to a really “green” smoothie would be ok?
What are your thoughts?

My husband and I used to have healthy yogurt/fruit smoothies for breakfast every day. He can still do this but once I cut out all the “fun” stuff, like fruit juice and yogurt and banana, I found that it wasn’t worth it. I was drinking more of a green smoothie with just a touch of raspberries and the fruit flavor was getting lost. I was having to choke it down, so it didn’t seem worth it. If I can only have a little bit of fruit, I prefer to take it straight, where I can really enjoy it. So yes, I think you can add some fruit to a green smoothie but for me it’s not worth it. I take my greens as salads.

Im T2 and I am on insulin, so if I want a smoothie, I just make sure I can adapt for it. Its not very often I do it, but I consider it a rare treat, that I don’t deny myself.