Total energy booster!

I call them my Incredible Hulk Smoothies!

a recipe i found online. basically salad in a smoothie and suprisingly delicious. i drink them after workouts and they have TOTALLY boosted my energy and don’t raise your BG much at all! full of vitamins and good fats!

check out:

anyone know of any other smoothie recipes that wont raise BG?

Which recipe on Laura’s following All-Green Blender Smoothie Recipe? I’d going to try that one as I have cucumbers and lemons starting to go bad, plus I like avocados and have bagged frozen spinach and collard greens. Gotta get some kale. Thanks for the post.
1 avocado
1 large cucumber
2 cups spinach
2 large leaves collard greens
2 leaves black kale
3 lemons, juice only
1.5 cups water
(a few slices of a Gala apple sometimes)
Puree well and enjoy!

yeah lucile that’s the one! i make one at night- drink half after workout and then the other half for breakfast!

careful though :slight_smile: i’ve had people ask me if i was following the lawn mower around and others have mooed at me LOL

i think you have to buy her book to learn more recipes :frowning: i have some friends who have done some experimenting of their own and came up with some great ones! i’ll try to find and post them

Hi Heather - you’ve got me onto these green smoothie things - great ! - had some for my pm snack + blood sugars stable at next test !! - thank you !

hey maria! awsome to hear they worked well for you! thanks for telling me!

hey maria! awsome to hear they worked well for you! thanks for telling me!

is there a recipe with berries? I don’t know if i could eat this, how long would it stay good in the fridge?

hey domo, i’m looking for a recipe that someone emailed me with berries. i add strawberries to the green smoothie once in awhile but i dont really like the combo too much.
i keep mine in the fridge for 10 hours and they have been fine. it also depends on how thick you make it too. the thinner ones separate a bit some times

For those wimps who can’t handle the green smoothies :slight_smile: this one is called Pink Coconut Smoothie! I haven’t tried it yet but i’m told it’s delicious!

1 ½ cups raw coconut milk (you can buy baby Thai coconuts from an Asian market, and ask an employee how to open the coconut. you can also buy coconut liquid in a can, which is easier but without the enzymes)

½ of a medium-sized raw beet (remove skin)
1-2 carrots (or 10 baby carrots)
¼ cup cashews
6 dates, seeds removed (or ¼ cup chopped dates found in bulk in the health food store)
1 Tbsp. vanilla
Puree on high in BlendTec Total Blender for 60 seconds, then add
12 frozen strawberries
Puree until smooth and enjoy with a straw!

Danny youre going to LOVE it!

just posted one!