Snack Food

I always struggle to find a good tasting snack food that doesn't spike my blood sugar. Whenever I eat regular chips not surprising I end up with double up arrows on the Dexcom. So I rarely eat chips.

I tried the Cheddar Cheese Beanitos this weekend. I am always a little skeptical when someone claims their product is low glycemic. Usually they taste very chemical and just don't resemble the product they are trying to replace. Anyway I found these to be very tasty chip and they taste very similar to the real thing.

Based on initial results, from a BG standpoint things turned out really well. Portion control is important, because it would be easy to down an entire bag. They also warn you about the effects of eating an entire bag!

Glad you found a snack that fits your needs. I always felt that there has to be a snack or a treat that we can give ourselves as a little bonus for being "good". Just as everyone's tastes are different so are the effects each of us as diabetics gets from the snacks we consume. At times there can be a lot of trial and error.

Just remember...everything in moderation and test often.

I usually find that snacks like Beanitos, and Doritos and similar type snacks have too much salt to be a healthy snack. I snack on various kinds of nuts, like walnuts, almonds, cashews & sunflower seeds make a good snack. They are low carb & make a healthy snack. I also like celery dipped in hummus as a good snack or even berries I sometimes snack on with cottage cheese.