Snacking with (relative) impunity...need some ideas!

Background: I’m a 10-year Type 1 diabetic still struggling to gain control over what I eat. I still eat too much of the things I know I should only eat in moderation, but I’ve got several contributing factors I’m dealing with:

1. I was raised virtually exclusively on high-carb foods, so they’re what I like best
2. I eat rather compulsively/continuously when stressed
3. I have a high-stress job, so point #2 seems to kick in quite frequently

Now I'm taking steps to work on all three of the above factors, but I could really use some tips on things that people like snacking on with relative impunity. By this I mean things that I can snack on over long periods of time (like while I'm working) which have only marginal amounts of carbohydrates. Moderate to high amounts of fiber and protein are fine, but I'd like to avoid high fat items.

The only things I have found which fits these categories (and which I actually "like") are the following:
1. took me a while to really like them, but they are now my snacking "staple"...
2. Special K2O Protein Water (2g Carbs per 16.9fl oz glass, contains 5g fiber and 5g protein)

I would love to hear more ideas on things which other folks snack on which meet these criteria...

Part of my problem is that I really never acquired a taste for veggies. I'm going to try to bring more of them back into my diet, but I fear it will be a major struggle unless I can find some kind of flavorful accompaniment which also fits the if you've got some good ideas there, it would be extremely helpful!

Thanks so much!

Do you like pickles? The are “free”. I love to snack on them.

Haven’t eaten them in a while, but yes I think that’s a great idea…I do like them…thanks!

cottage cheese, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, tuna fish with low fat mayo, eggs and meat

Try a search on here “The top 23 low carb snacks”. I think Richard157 put it on.

here’s a link to Richard’s discussion

You could try dipping your carrots in hummus ( have you ever tried it ? ) Also, various nuts are low carb, walnuts, pecans,almonds they take a while to chew b/c they are crunchy. Low carb fruits that are good incl. berries and kiwi slices. Also, roasted soy beans are crunchy and tasty for a snack. Try new things from the snack aisle.