Do you know any other snacks beside nuts that help keep your blood sugar down?

Mixed nuts!!! Also my Endo said that there has been a lot of speculation about a cinnamon vitamin when I asked if there are any vitamins that could help…

I would have said nuts, but you already said that…besides, I have noticed nuts raising my BS some. Sheesh. I’ve tried the cheese squares in the microwave trick…zap them for a brief time and they turn into crunchy cheese cracker wannabes, but they didn’t thrill me. Cheese as is, for that matter, is OK. Veggies and dip are good, watch for carbs in the dip. Sugar free Jello that you buy already prepared in 1 serving portions in the cold food area with a bit of heavy cream. Check out the old blogs using snacks as your key word…I know we’ve had this discussion before. Maybe something delicious will present itself. Libby has a great Chocolate Truffle recipe. She’s a great one for low carb recipes. Good luck and let us know if you come up with something wonderful.

Raw veg and dip, boiled eggs

You have to be careful with some of the snacks here but in general, I found some good snack items on They have Dixie Carb Counters biscotti’s (3 grams of carbs per biscotti), and my favorite so far are Smackaroos diet treats which are 1 carb for 3 large crackers (cinnamon is very tasty). They have very little or virtually no impact on my blood sugar. The only downside is, I do not know any stores that sells these, except this online store. . .you can also try Amazon for low carb/no sugar treats. I’ve been snacking on nuts & sugar-free Jello but getting really tired of them. I also heard that Lindt 85% dark chocolate has very few carbs – 210 calories, 8 grams carbohydrate, 3 grams fiber, 5 grams sugar for the entire bar, so you can probably eat 1/8 without too much impact on your blood sugar.

Elaine, please explain how to do the cheese in the microwave thing. I was thinking of trying to fry cheese but it seemed like so much work for so little gain. If I could just mike some squares and have a nice snack that would be cool.

OK, I posted this question once before and really did not get response. I am looking for places I can get low-carb foods online. I don’t just want to give my credit card number to web sites I know nothing about. This looks like an option you trust. Are there others? What about Netition? Has anyone ordered from there?

Ellie…I am sorry…I don’t remember where I read about it, Maybe Dr Bernstein. I think all you do is take a slice of cheese and quarter it. Put it on a paper towel and then on a plate. I forget how long to zap it but I would think it would be an easy trial and error thing. I’ll put some research into it tomorrow and let you know if I find it.

Rachel Ray has a fried cheese drizzle that she tops a salad with…it was not too hard, but not that appealing to me. You could probably google it.

Fried cheese is really easy. Shredded parmesan cheese makes the nicest litle crackers that you can use on various dips and spreads Be sure to use shredded parmesan cheese, not grated. Heat a flat skillet or grill . spray with cooking spray, drop a teaspoonful or a tablespoonful (whichever size you want to make) on the hot grill. You let it sit until you see it turning a litle brown around the edges., use a thin spatula to turn it over and brown on the other side You lift it off the grill and place on paper towels. Let it cool for a few minues and it turns crispy. They work well with anything you want to put it with and just simply taste great
Any of the harder cheeses will work well too. Remember also that french onion dip is usually carb free too.
Check the labels to be sure about the brand you like

I forgot to tell you that Netrition is reputable. I have ordered from them with no trouble at all.

Hey Charliesmom…I found an old blog, also titled, “Snacks,” started by Rizwana on 2/11/08. It lists some great ideas. Check out Glucoholic’s blogs, as well. He taste tests low carb treats and reports his findings. I jjust made the Chocolate Cloud Cake that a wonderful, new best friend of a member (I forget who) posted. GREAT with whipped cream. You can type that in and get that as well.

Found it! Diana C talks about making it for her daughter in the “Snacks” blog started by Rizwana on 2/11/08.

My Husband swears by pork skins (rihnds).

I’ve ordered from Netrition without any problems. Netrition also charges a flat $4.95 shipping rate, which is cheap.

The new firber 1 bars are fantastic tasting, and so are the cereals. The fiber is great for you and it also helps to lower the carbs. If your in a chocolate need, go for thoes.

Thank you and Saundra for the netition info, I will order some things. And thanks to Saundra and Elaine for the info on fried or microwaved cheese snacks. I love cheese and am grateful that it’s a good food choice for a low-carb diet…but crispy cheese would be mmmm. :slight_smile:

I just placed an order with Netrition…now I need you all to tell me what to do with almond flour.

Almond flour is great! You can pretty much use in place of wheat flour for breading food, making pancakes, cookies. etc. There’s no gluten, of course, to make things stick together, but it works for almost everything else. I have a great recipe for coconut shrimp. You could use it for chicken also. Dip peeled, deveined shrimp in a beaten egg. Roll in a combo of almond flour & unsweetened grated coconut & bake. I add paprika, a little powdered ginger & granulated garlic, but any spices or herbs work.

I love pork rinds (or skins). Did you know that when you make a meatloaf you can crush these up and use them instead of oatmeal or bread crumbs. They work really well and i add some mozzarella cheese to my meatloaf as well. When it cooks it is so juicy and good that you don’t miss a whole lot of tomato sauce or stuff with a lot iof carbs in it. Of course you add the chopped onions and other stuff for the meatloaf.

elaine and charliesmom,

here are the links for your convenience :slight_smile:

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