What to eat?

Hello ladies! So, I feel like I’m getting in a food rut, and thought I’d ask around to see what everyone else eats. It’s mostly breakfast and lunch that I have trouble with. I’ve been eating greek yogurt with berries and Kashi for breakfast, which comes to about 45g, and my blood sugars are fine after, but I wouldn’t mind eating something with a little less carbs, just so I don’t have to take as much insulin. Of course, I love carbs in the morning, so that is a bit of a dilemma! :slight_smile:

For lunch, I usually shoot for around 45g of carbs as well. I take it to work, so I need something easy and not too expensive! I was making soups on the weekends, and then just bringing that every day, but I’m getting sick of soup and it’s almost spring!

I can handle eating the same thing for a week, but I’d like to have options because I get sick of the same thing every day! Thanks in advance!

I eat a slice of 100% whole wheat bread, toasted… with apple butter that has 4 grams of sugar or less. It keeps me full till lunch, otherwise I eat a few walnuts for a midmorning snack.

I just found Silk soy milk chocolate flavor. Since I have a weird to allergy to cow’s milk in it’s raw form, this has been a great breakfast item for me for protein and calcium. They even make them in individual take-along sizes so I can drink it on the train in the morning. They also have vanilla flavor, but I like the chocolate better.
I’ve also done a simple scrabled egg in the microwave in the morning with a little bit of cheese and veggies, or a slice of bread with low-sugar peanut butter.
For lunch you could pack a mixed salad with some chopped chicken breast. Or I’ve done well with pasta dishes where the amount of actual pasta is minimal but there is plenty of protein and veggies. Spaghetti squash is an awesome replacement for actual spaghetti noodles and it doesn’t really taste like anything except what you put on it. If you have access to a microwave (with the soup, I’m guessing you do), you could also do a baked potato with whatever kind of toppings. Sweet potatoes also microwave well and are a nice treat with some butter and salt.

You’ve made me hungry! Hope this is helpful.

oatmeal and or whole wheat toast for breakfast. Sandwiches made with wholewheat bread for lunch…I change the sandwich fillings to make it more interesting…I’m a creature of habit so I’m fine with the same breakfast. Sometimes I will cook the oatmeal with half a banana, it adds a great flavour to the oatmeal. This also keeps me full until lunch time

For breakfast I have been doing one of those 100 calorie sandwich thins (20-22CHO depending on the brand) with a little cheese. And if I can stomach it, a hardboiled egg. Then I have a fruit for a mid morning snack. For lunch I have been making different quinoa salads on the weekend and then taking them to work with me for the week. I’ll do things like quinoa, black beans, red pepper, scallions, radishes, etc. tossed with a little vinegar and oil. The quinoa provides protein and carbs and you can eat it hot or cold.

Pasta salad sounds good! That’d be easy to make on the weekends and add lots of veggies and protein. Thanks!

What do you do for sandwich fillings? I love sandwiches, but I know we aren’t supposed to eat deli meat unless we re-cook it, but that just seemed like a pain so I haven’t bothered with it yet. :slight_smile: I’d love to hear some other ideas of what to put in sandwiches. Thanks!

hmm well I usually use deli meat that I buy at Trader Joes-it seems to work for me-but I haven’t been told that I can’t eat deli meat… I will eat some unsalted canned fish, cheese, cream cheese (low fat) tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, peppers (yum), cucumber (I pack salads separately and add just before I eat my sandwich at work because they make the sandwich soggy otherwise) Sauces include mayo, mustard, pesto (yum with the peppers)

I miss deli meats. It’s the bacteria in them that is bad for baby if you’re already pregnant. At least that’s what the gyno told me.

ok-that makes sense. Skip the meats then-can you eat canned fish? If you check online you can see the ones that are v low in mercury and of course cheese and salad should be okay

yummy quinoa! I’ve been mixing in cilantro, red onion, corn and cucumber with mine with a dash or oil/vinegar. Super yummy.

You can try wraps. I found a good flax seed wrap that I fold in spinach, orange pepper, red onion and avocado. I usually will have a few almonds or pecans on the side with it.

I buy a big turkey breast, put a little olive oil and oregano on the outside and bake it. Then I slice it thinly for sandwiches. So you can make your own deli meat :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea! I’m afraid if I did that, it wouldn’t turn out as well as real deli meat, haha. But it would be a lot healthier I’m sure!!

Well this week I found whole wheat bagel thins, so I can toast one of those and have a piece of fruit, and my carb intake stays around 35g. Yum! Now I just need to lower my basals…been having lots of lows (I’m 13 weeks right now) :slight_smile:

I like the taste of it. The olive oil is important to keep it from being too dry and I put a TON of oregano on it. But then again, I eat a lot of mustard with my sandwiches :slight_smile: So maybe I don’t even taste the turkey :wink: