Sneaky Veggies

I found out many years ago that I can get the family to eat a lot more vegetables than they realize if I sneak them into some meals. Here’s the recipe for a mega-batch of very veggie & beef spaghetti sauce that I made last weekend. I cook it in two large stock pots on the stove.It can be changed to vegetarian by omitting the beef or exchanging soy ground round.

In large pot(s) add:
3 lbs extra lean ground beef, browned well
2 lg cans diced tomatoes (28 fl oz)
2 tins tomato paste
l lg can tomato sauce

I grate the veggies through the food processor and add to the beef and tomatos

3-4 stalks celery
3-4 lg carrots
2 med zuchinni
1 lg eggplant
2 med onions
3-4 cups mushrooms
2 bell peppers

Season to taste with salt, pepper, oregano, basil, and chili pepper flakes.

Simmer on the stove (or cook in a covered roaster in the oven) until done.

When the sauce is cooked, take the opportunity to make a couple of pans of lasagna for the freezer. I layer the lasagna pans with some sauce, then no-boil noodles, some sauce, then a layer of cottage cheese/spinach (equal parts cottage cheese mixed with chopped spinach), then more noodles, and sauce, then grated mozzarella cheese. Wrap with foil, label and freeze. Upon thawing, uncover and bake at 350 for an hour.

Freeze the rest of the cooled sauce in ziplock freezer baggies or freezer containers. It’s great on spaghetti with parmasan cheese, or use as the basis of a casserole dish.

Yes, I bake chicken with the vegetarian style sauce, and other meats as well. It’s a favorite meal for the spousal unit. It’s such a handy sauce for so many meals!

Yes, insulin makes it easy to eat what you want, but sick days, exercise, weight loss etc. can be tricky. I would LOVE to be able to chuck a pair of running shoes on and go trail running for an hour or so many other activities without all the planning, and constant issues of hypoglycemia.

That sauce sounds great. I can’t believe it never occurred to me to grate veggies like that. That’d be a fun technique for any kind of sauce, and I can see myself using grated zucchini in salads so Steff won’t know she’s eating something good for her. (heh)