A seasonal diabotic. Diabotics are creatures made from the detritus of diabetes mellitus - needle caps, insulin cartridges, test strisp etc. Sno-botic was made from the following:

Snow, formed in a Novofine 6mm needles box
4 x ramipril capsules for mouth
2 x omeprazole for eyes
3 x omeprazole for buttons
2 x novorapid insulin pen cartridges for arms
1 x Accuchek multiclix lancet for nose

Love it!!! That’s as good as an XmasNinja Who Cooks Bacon!!!

Just dont leave it melt. You will scare the neighbors.

Adorable! Really like the nose:)

This is awesome! I was thinking about making a sculpture out of old pill bottles and other plastic throwaways. I am a teacher and I have a lesson called JunkYard War! The kids bring in trash and build things that have to do with history we are studying or stories we are reading. I could have a Diabetic JunkYard War! I love it. Good for you!

Hi Marcia, glad you like it! There are more ‘diabotics’ on my blog - got to and enter diabotic in the search box.