Top Ten SIlly Things to Do As a Diabetic

Top Ten Silly Things to Do to As a Diabetic

  1. Take your Medical ID tag to a bead shop and get pretty-girl beads to replace the chain. Ok – it can be macho beads.
  2. Take your Medical ID tag (mine opens for more information) and put a fortune cookie message in it. (MY paramedics now know how to say potato in Chinese)
  3. Find the HIGHEST sugar content soda bottle in the house and make it your sharps container. (mine is Mountain Dew)
  4. Replace the coldpack bag in your insulin carry bag with a Spongebob SquarePants lunch box coldpack. Hey, it still works.
  5. Replace your insulin carry bag with one made out of glow-in-the-dark duct tape. (I can find it now and its still pretty waterproof. I’m gonna make one for my test kit, too.)
  6. Buy a funky knife so your cucumber slices are ziggy zaggy, not straight sliced. (food is allowed to look fun no matter how it tastes) Next week advance to rose radishes.
  7. Buy character/holiday zip loc bags for snacks in your lunch.
  8. Get some white lunch bags instead of brown and give them to friends to decorate for you.
  9. Collage your food/blood sugar journal with all your favorite things – write quotes on random pages inside that you’ll find later and smile about. Invite friends to write stuff and give you pictures, too. Scotch tape them in.
  10. Take your picture – and make a WANTED Poster. Make a list of what you are wanted for? Make it silly and joyful. (I also photo shopped my picture a bit – boy am I a hot blonde!) What would someone get for turning you in?

OK - what can you come up with? I could go on forever (I’m that kinda girl) but I want to hear your silly ideas!
Let’s be joyful today.

love the ideas… got me thinking now *winks

I love this post and your other posts! You think in many of the same ways I do. And yeah - Sponge Bob all the way! I got a pink pump this time around to “make it fun.” People look at me funny as they let that sink in when I tell them that. Then they get it. And I can tell they are glad they aren’t me! lol

Thank you! We all have to smile!