Snow Day
We got a lot of snow/ice yesterday and through-out last night. I woke up this morning and found out that today is a snow day - NO SCHOOL! I’m a school teacher and I think I was just as excited learning this news than my daughter who is in first grade! LOL!! Now is the time to get caught up on some things - my house is a disaster area! It will be nice to spend the whole day home with both kids - maybe get some sled riding in!

Today I also emailed Pittsburgh Children’s Hospial. Olivia’s numbers are so ugly in the afternoon. The NPH is just not bringing her down during that time and if they increase it anymore, than she goes low before dinner. I think our doctors are going to have to face the facts and eliminate the NPH and put Olivia on a carb/insulin ratio. Don’t get me wrong, the NPH was great when she was first dx to eliminate a shot at lunch, but she continues to grow, etc. and her health is more important, so if we have to introduce another shot at lunch, than that is what we are going to have to do. Hopefully they can come up with good doses so we can get her more regulated.

I was on NPH and regular for 35 years and never had a shot at lunch, but of course I had to eat lunch at 11:00 as the NPH peaked then…and of course I am from the dark ages of no bgs testing, so I think I was high for decades after lunch, in fact I was high most of my diabetic life I think. You should really bypass the lantus and MDI of humalog and go right to the pump if you want to get off the NPH. Lantus works well, but then every time Olivia wants to eat she will have to have a shot of humalog and on Lantus she may have to shoot that twice a day and when I was on Lantus you could not mix it with the humalog. Does she take NPH at dinner time as well?

She is actually on NPH, Novolog, and Levemir @ breakfast, nothing @ lunch, Novolog and Levemir @ dinner, and Novolog @ bedtime. Our endo said that we could mix Levemir with the NPH and Novolog even though the directions say not to do so. When she was on Lantus, we could not mix it. I am starting to research pumps, but we probably won’t go there for a while. I would like her to understand what is going on a little better than what she does now.