So happy!

My doctor re-did my microalbumin.creatine test and I am in the normal range! Nor more spilling protein so happy! Insulin is a God send. This is the best news since I am young and have 3 young children. Just had to share!


That is great news. Are you also on an ace-inhibitor, that got my test back to normal range.

Wonderful news!

That is great news. I found I was spilling protein on the microalbumin test and my doctor wrote “failing kidneys” all over my chart and started me on an ACE. It was a real bummer. I think in my case I have a problem when I exercise, so before my tests I stop exercise for 48 hours. I’ve not failed a microalbumin test since then. I still have that “failing kidneys” remark on my charts, but I actually think I am fine. I’m glad you are too.

YAY!! Thats wonderful! How have you been doing so far on the insulin?

Pretty good! I think I have found my dose for now. I really don’t like the Glipizide, but it is working in tandem with the insulin. The endo said that this one guy lost 100 lbs and was able to come off of insulin. I wonder if that will be the case with me, or if I am on this for the long haul. I wonder how much of my beta cells are left. Long road trying not to get discouraged with the exercise part.