So I have to have sugery wendsday!

Actually Iam kind of freaked.Its like being on a seasaw.Earlier last month they THOUGHT they saw ovarian cancer and booked me for sugery then on the second scan they couldnt find it.M=Now low and behold they found it and its spreading.What kind of crap is that.The anestesiologist wanted to put me on a insulin drip til he found out I was using u500 innsulin.Now Iamtotally freaked out.

U are in my prayers jeremiahtren…for healing,peace and emotional and mental clarity .Have U been able to find any more info about the surgical procedures from the hospital? Try to get as much information as possible, and consult your endo and have them contact the hosptital if they can, so that You are treated properly while you are under anesthesia… Wiil you be completely "under"or mildly sedated? I am praying that you will go through this just fine., I undertstand how difficult it is to have an unexpected surgical procedure…Keep us posted and try not to worry.

God Bless,

Wow, that sounds scary :frowning: I hope everything will be just fine!
A thought just hit me: Your insulin resistance… Could it possibly be caused by the ovarian cancer? I think you should have that checked.

My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend…I do hope all will be fine. Please be strong…

thanks Tenna

@Jennie i never thought of it like that.I will have to look it up.even the drs are puzzled iam only 26!

@brunetta thanks.I will be fully sedated for 4 hours.My DE is in contact with my surfoen about the insulin thing there leaning toward leaving the pump on iam using over 100 units of u500 insulin which is 500 reg units converted to reg insulin so they think that would be easier

thanks danny

You are in my thoughts! I have PCOS which causes ovarian cysts and leads to insulin resistance,etc.

wow wildypoetic i didnt know there was a link

You are in my thoughts and prayers. If you are a God-believing person remember He will be right there with you through this, you are not alone.

Surrounding you with healing & positive energy. We’ll be thinking of you Wed.

thanks all of you going to pre-op register today