So the diagnosis is in

It’s official kidney disease. Macroalbuminaria.
I’m somewhere in the 85% kidney function range.
Looking for advice on good diet and naturopathic routes for healing/prolonging time before a transplant is necessary.
Right now, the nephrologist suggests I have 5-10 years.

I’m sorry to hear that. I know that you have struggled with your blood sugars over the years. Are they better now? Bernstein cured his advanced kidney disease with normalized blood sugars. He used a low carb diet. Would you consider a low carb diet. I can’t recommend [naturopathy][1]. It is not science based and with a compromised kidney you may be given treatments that could make you worse (or much worse). If you must see a naturopath, see one who has a medical degree.
[1]: Naturopathy - Wikipedia

My boyfriend suffered from Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). It’s an autoimmune condition. He ended up in ESRF (end stage renal failure) and received a transplant 3 years ago. In order for him to keep the kidney, he’s on A LOT of anti-rejection meds, of course. But, I also cook a very strict diet for all of us. LCHF and paying attention to potassium levels. Very high amounts of protein can be harmful to your kidneys, but I’m talking very very high.

Meet with your nephrologist and ask what he recommends. Good luck.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:

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The best thing I can suggest is to get to know your nephrologist and get comfortable. Unfortunately you may have a long relationship and it is best to trust them as well as follow their instructions. Many times folks find their nephrologist in a hurry and do not have a good chance to select their doctor. It sounds like you may have the opportunity to get to know and get comfortable with the doctor.

I wish you the very best and do know everyone here is concerned about you and wish you the very best.