So, where was I?

… Oh yes… D day! So, it was a Sunday night that I called the advice line. The funny thing is that I had already check the symptoms and put this possibility far out of my mind. Anya was wetting the bed and drinking so much water. We knew something was wrong. Before I knew it the on call Pediatrician was telling me to meet her in the E.R. We arrived at 10:30 m.

Anya walked in, happy to be out of bed so late. A quick urine test told them what they knew already. I remember asking them what other test they could run to figure out what was REALLY wrong. Her bg was 793. IV was started and it didn’t go so well. Ana was begging me to make them stop. I am the Mom, supposed to protect her. I promised her she could get her hair done any way she wanted so we started talking about that through tears.

We stayed for 4 nights… Then we went home to this new life.

Anya is a crazy, brilliant, talented, energetic, beautiful 6 year old. She has amazed us this past year with her ability to keep pushing through. Anya also has fairly severe Asthma. If it isn’t one it is the other! We are coming up on the big one year anniversary May 20th! We WILL party! Anya made it through the first year of firsts: Sleepover invites to decline, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, a birthday… She did it with Grace too… I knew that middle name fit her.

I am constantly seeking out more information, more people, more knowledge… It might be my attempt to control this thing but it works for me. I look forward to sharing information with people here.

Hi Meg,

My 7 year old son was diagnosed almost two years ago now. I still have a hard time believing this life we’ve been given. Every day I must remind myself of the good things in life and that I am blessed with a smart, happy child.