Tomorrow.... D Day

So one year down… How many to go? Is it naive to think not many? Am I crazy to think they will have a cure before she goes to college?

We are full on celebrating this first year. We will celebrate from now until forever. We have some goodies planned: A new kit (faux zebra with hot pink handles), a new meter with a zillion skins, a couple new medical ID bracelets. Anya has also requested I bring a cake to school… “Mom,I want to have a big sugary cake at school!” I figure a cake at the end of the day reminds all of the adults present to think about this disease.

Anya had her Endo Appointment 2 weeks ago. Her A1C was 8.1! I was shocked it was within her goal. She has been so sick this year and been on prednisone so man times, it has been a challenge to say the least. I am hoping we get her Asthma under control sooner than later. Then we can get her on the road to being healthy!

One year… Oe year ago today I as clueless a to what was getting ready to hit at 10 30 pm. One year ago today I had no idea that we could lose her. One year ago today she liked going to the Dr. One year ago today she liked getting her vaccines. One year ago today we rarely gave meds to our child. One year ago today she was carefree.

One year ago today she weighed 39 pounds… She was wasting away and we didn’t even se it.

One year ago today we thought she was just thirsty.

One year ago today Anya was not a Diabetic…

Amazing what happened in a year.

Today my daughter is STRONG

She is BRAVE

She is a TEACHER

She is an inspiration