Social clubs that have been suggested

Please take this poll. Proposed Social Clubs that get favorable responses will be created. Vote for as many as you wish. All subjects are eligible if there is enough interest.

  • Arts
  • Literature
  • Skiing Club

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This is a diabetes forum. Why do we need social clubs here? Are there no Arts, Literature, Ski forums out there? I don’t mind discussions of other aspects of life as they relate to diabetes, but strictly off the topic forums? Not! That is what drove me away from other diabetes forums where all the chitchat took over. TuD seemed more on point and to my liking.


Hi, @Willow4.

You raise an excellent point. I also enjoy how on-point the TuDiabetes forum is - to me it’s efficient, if that makes sense.

The social clubs indeed may not be for everyone. Members who are not interested, will not see the main feed cluttered with these discussions as they will not filter through them. Members will have to purposefully seek out the social club discussions. Hopefully that balance will accommodate everyone.

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Thank you Lorraine for the great explanation. Social Clubs were not created to rival the conversations in the main forum, for that reason they were made to be separate from the main page, nothing posted in these clubs will be visible there.

Also these clubs are not intended to subvert discussions from the main forum, subjects of interest to the general membership are to remain in the main forum for all to easily see.

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