Introducing a New Feature…Social Clubs

Have you ever wished for a place where you can talk with people with like interests. A place without the distractions of the main forum. TuDiabetes has such a diverse membership, there are people from all different walks of life with different joys and challenges, different dreams and interests. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were places to talk with a bunch of your like-minded friends.

We are rolling out a new feature here on TuDiabetes called “Social Clubs.” We have created a few clubs to get the process started. If you would like to see them, go to the “Category” menu. There is a new category titled “Social Clubs” that currently has seven sub-categories. Check them out to see if any interest you.

A few things about Social Clubs:

  1. Anything posted in the clubs will not be visible in the main forum.
  2. You must be a member of a club to contribute to it.
  3. Everyone can see club postings unless the club is private.
  4. All “Public” clubs are free for joining. **
  5. There are no “Private” clubs at this time. If a club is private you must request to join.
  6. Creating a new club requires an administrator, once the club is created a “Club Leader”
    will be assigned to maintain it.

We are asking for ideas more clubs, we are also seeking club leaders for the existing clubs and any new clubs that are created.

The walls of our clubs are bare, we have only just begun, Please help us to fill them.


Cool idea, but do you not see posts on it unless you go specifically to that page, even if you are a member?

I think it would be nice if members saw posts, but they were not visible to everyone else.

Just my $0.02


That would be ideal but I don’t think it is possible, I will have to study the controls to see if there is a way. From what I’ve seen the visibility setting for a social club category is all or nothing. It shows on the main page for everyone or it does not show at all.

The idea behind social clubs is to provide space where members can discuss common interest. Places where diabetes is not necessarily the subject. Not all things interest all people, we suppress Social Clubs from the main page to stop it from being cluttered with conversations that interest only a small percentage of our members.