Socks w Ankle stretch

I have read several posts/threads on socks but.... I do not see any information about which brands have real stretch in the ankle area. All "normal" socks in department stores seem made for 5 inch teen ankles. I need walking socks that don't become tourniquets for my older-woman slightly bigger ankles. I am mall-walking now but hope to progress to real hikes by summer.

I also prefer soft rather than rough feeling socks. Can anyone recommend a woman's walking/hiking sock brand that has a genuine non-binding ankle? Thanks for brand names and sock names if appropriate.

I like Balega socks for running. They are very soft and I've never had problems with blisters wearing them through two marathons and a lot of other running. I like soft socks too and like the feel of these:

Thanks, Acid. I looked at the site. Did not see ankle length but will look again. I also could not tell how tight they are but will check their reviews. TX.

I don't remember the brand, but I used to buy socks for my mother-in-law from She had extremely large, swollen feet and ankles and legs. They have socks for all sizes of people, and many are recommended for PWD.

Try dr. scholls diabetic socks. they are very good, nice and loose and stretchy- they have 3-4 different sizes, short, ankle, crew and long.