EZManager Software for the Mac

I have a MAC desktop OSX 10.4.11 and we tried to load the software last night to no avail. We tried to install the driver from Actisys.com but it became complicated. I am reading from other MAC users on the postings that it doesn’t work on the MAC or it crashes. Please respond if you have had success with this. I am always surprised at the workings of a new pump. The screen on the pump is awesome and the screen on the meter which Animas told me was the “brains” of the pump is very difficult to read. I like the concept of the PING-but the software is very important to me. I have been Type I for over 35 years and I am all over the place all the time. I really want to track my use of the basal rate and the rest of the data to try and get this right. I look forward to help from the people who share my problem with the MAC. Thanks. Audrey

Hello Audrey - I just checked the site and according to the specs you need to have at least OSX 10.5 plus the IR accessory cable. I have been successful in downloading it on the mac although I have done it since I upgraded to Snow Leopard. DId you try giving Animas a call? 1-877-937-7867

Mark: Thanks for responding. You are absolutely right that the specs refer to 10.5. I overlooked that fact late last night. We are on the phone with Animas now and my husband is going to install the software on his computer using a Windows XP Professional system. I am going to call Apple to see what I can do about the 10.5 system on the MAC. I have not upgraded to Snow Leopard. What do you think about the screen on the meter?

Hi Audrey - I run it on 10.5.7 without any problems, altho I do find the software very disappointing. In order to have the data in a format that I can use, I export it & my husband runs it thru a program he wrote to reformat it to an excel file. You would think that companies that come up with such wonderful technology would put a little more oomph into how to use the data… Good luck! BTW, I hadn’t thought too much about the meter screen, it’s definitely not as nice as the pump screen.

Thanks Liz-we just downloaded the information for the first time. My husband got it to work on his computer. Are you interested in sharing the excel SS-I really need help to put the data in a format that gives me information I can use. A friend of mine just told me that her husband does bio-med work as an engineer and that they have 200 software people to 5 engineers. The meter screen is a big problem for me in that I have a hard time reading it. It would be great to sync the meter to your iPhone screen.

Hi Audrey,
I intensely dislike the meter screen as well! It’s dark and hard to read. And very disappointed that you can’t alter the basal from the meter, and that the history data on the pump only tells you the TOTAL BOLUS given, doesn’t let you see later how much was correction, how much IOB was on board at the time of the bolus. My software hasn’t arrived yet, so I am handwriting all the data on the 4 day flow sheet, which is a HUGE pain. I also have a MAC, brand new, with snow leopard. Hopefully the software will run. BUt i am discouraged to hear that the reports are not that great when you can use it.

I am trying to post a photo from my Mac I photo program-how do I do this?

The program will work on a Mac with Snow Leopard. I use it on a Mac Pro Server, just make sure you are not running the program in 64 bit. The program will not find the meter. The program will only run in 32 bit. To Check if this is correct go to the apple on the task bar, then about this mac, click the more info tab, then scroll down to software. There will be a section that says 64 bit kernel. This should be in the off mode. Normally I run my Pro Mac in 64 Bit Mode. When I need to upload my meter information I reset to 32 bit mode.

Does this mean it will not work on a Mac with Leopard 10.5.8. I spoke to Apple tech support yesterday and they told me I can buy Leopard 10.5 on e-bay. I don’t want to put Snow Leopard on because of operating problems. The tech from Animas said they do not support problems with Snow Leopard because they haven’t analyzed it yet. I have a 20 inch Mac desktop running on Tiger 10.4.11 now.

Another question-my glucose drops to quickly when I correct for a high. This happens often. This morning I woke up at 270 and corrected per my pump with 3.25 units 40:1 ratio-my BGL is supposed to drop 40 points for each unit. I went to an early morning appointment at 7:30 AM and tested then. I was at 77-I ate a large banana W/O a bolus and at 9:12 AM I was still at 76-what can I do to not drop so low and why did the banana not pick me up more. I was 320 at bed time last night because I was low at dinner and probably rebounded or was high because I over corrected with food when I was low. At bed time I corrected per the pump with 4 units and I was still high this morning. I had a terrible headache. My I:C: Ratio is 1:12.

The other question I have is that with the Animas pump I only have one BG Target which is now 140±10. I set it at this because otherwise I drop to low. With the Medtronic pump I had a range to 120-140 which meant when I was low my target was to be brought up to 120 and target point for highs or insulin was 140. I find that when I correct a high I fall to low. This really affects my ability to function in my work and daily life.

Bottom line is what good does all the analysis do from the reports if I can’t make the right changes or corrections. I do see my Dr. and his assistant for management of my BGL’s. This is the first time I have joined a community of diabetics to ask for help from my peers.

I’m in the exact same boat you are in - running OSX 10.4.11 and trying to make the EZ Manager Max work. I keep getting crashes in the middle of downloading, which result in me having to do a whole system restart. I’m going to keep an eye on this thread - hopefully something will work. I wish they’d offer a version for people running the previous generation of OSX.

Lauren there are a lot of imperfections in the design of the pump and the related software. We are now running it on another computer with Windows XP. We are trying to export the information to an excel SS to produce meaningful data-no luck yet.

How are you doing with your overall control? I am really interested in how you live daily with diabetes?

Liz-How do you export the information from the software to an excel file-we tried??? Can you provide specific steps. I am really serious about feeling better and finally feel like I have the presence of mind to use the data in a responsible way.

Recently I have cut my eating way back in an attempt to feel better. I am reading Suzanne Sommer’s books on what she calls “sommersizing” -she talks about nibbling on food.

How do you like 10.5.7? Should I upgrade? Any reasons not to? Audrey

Dear Michele: How are you doing with your glucose management? I am interested in what you eat for breakfast and does your sugar spike after you eat breakfast? Also where you do wear your pump? I see you wearing a hat which probably means you like to dress up. I do. Also do you eat at night?

Well, I was just at my endo today and I got my A1c down to a 6.2, which is the lowest I’ve ever had it. So I would say, officially, that this method of control works a lot better for me then MDI did after nearly a year of being on the pump. With MDI (lantus and novolog) the lowest I was able to get it was 6.8. My scores (with the exception of this month, where I caught some kind of cold type thing that sent my numbers all over the place) have been in the 130-150 range. I still get some high blood sugars during illnesses and miscalculations.

It took a bit of tweaking, and I was in fairly constant contact with my doctor’s office. If I was having trouble getting my numbers in range then I would email the nurse practitioner a weeks worth of blood sugar numbers and she would send back a tweak (be it I:C ratio or hourly bolus setting) for me to try out.

I’ve also found that changing my diet has helped to improve my control. I’ve cut out a lot of carby things and have dropped red meat (though, that was for cholesterol reasons. and it did help apparently!) and I try to use the elliptical machine in my gym every other day for at least thirty minutes of running.

Also, we tried hooking it up to my husband’s PC (running a beta version of Windows 7) and his computer didn’t even recognize the meter. I haven’t had any trouble with the design of the pump or meter…but I am hating this software. I think they need to issue an update on it, because apparently it isn’t backward compatible or able to work on new operating systems.

Try going to ACTiSYS wesite and downloading their driver for your system. Animas told me the software was not designed to run with 7, but after downloading this driver, it works fine for me.

It worked fine for me on my 64-bit Windows 7 system on day 1. Windows even downloaded the driver for me when I connected the IR cable.

I also have been having the whole Snow Leopard vs. ezManager issue. The thing is, it works sometimes, but not all the time. I would get about 80% of the info downloaded before it would disconnect. It would then freeze the computer and I would have to do a hard re-start. I have managed for some reason to get it to work about three times. I also just received an updated software (version 2.0.14) in the mail today, and it downloaded in the first attempt. Its odd, because I have been running Snow Leopard in 32 bit the whole time, and it would not work, but it just worked when I did it a moment ago. When I boot in XP, it works fine. I am still not 100% certain it works with Snow Leopard as it should. If anyone has any other work arounds, i would love to hear them.