Software for the Omnipod

I visited my CDE today and she got me all excited about the Omnipod co-Pilot, and Diabetes Partner. Now that I am home, I can't seem to make headway with either program and I think it is because I am using a mac. I am also too old and decrepit to be very savvy about such things. Can anyone help? I have tried it on safari and get an error message that says to contact NuMedics (with no contact info). I also downloaded Mozilla for Mac with no better results. There is no IE for Snow Leopard, so there's that. What's the scoop, group?

Did you try Firefox or crome browsers that's all I can think of since I no nothing of macs

Hi Rebecca, sorry you are having trouble but you are correct co-pilot does not work on a mac. I wish that CDE knew this. however you can use parallels on the mac. Parallels is a virtual machine that allows you to run windows so that you can use co-pilot. I am a mac user also and although I do not like windows parallels allows me to run co-pilot or distend or any other app that does not run on windows. hope this helps apparently omnipod sells parallels for those that are not sure how to order it off line. :-)

we are not old & decrepit just ask a 5 year old
i do not use omnipod
i use minimed & love it