Software upgrade

I have tried several times to upgrade the software for my Dex but it fails. Do I need to call Customer Service or can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I follow all the steps. Frustrating! Thanks

Can you describe more of what's occurring/not occurring? What error do you get if any?

Linny, I opened a Diasend account and uploaded all of my data there first, before I did the upgrade for my Dex, this way I would still have the data there. If you are considering getting a Diasend account, which is where you can upload both the OmniPod and Dexcom and view the compiled results. It's free.

As to the upgrade, as Scott asks, what is happening/not happening?

sorry Linny would love to help but I am in Canada we don't have the updated software you guys are getting. sigh, hopefully someone here can help ya though.

Dishers, if I could I would gladly trade you my 505 dexcom for one of those cool color screen animas ping remote meters that you have available in Canada, I would like to have one. Lol

Ha Ha, sorry Jaybyrd, I have the omnipod but it is colour screen also