Some advice please

Woke up with 23.3mmol/L ( 419.4mg/dl) with ketons 0.9 and feel very out of it.
Dont know what I should eat have taken some insulin to at least calm everything down kind of fed up since last night everything was ok checked my level it 5.7mmol/L less then 2mins I dropped to 1.4mmol/L shock horror what I just planned to eat something and sleep not deal with a hypo.
So had to go and treat my hypo was up till 1am and now when I wake up its on the other side of the scale.
Took some novorapid and sitting on the computer with a big cup of water.Arghhhhhhhhhhh

I’m so sorry… sounds like what should have been a restful night has been anything but…

When I am really high in the morning I drink a big cold glass of water first and then I usually eat something like an eggwhite omlet with left over meat and veggies. I always have leftover chicken (all those poor chickens… I’m sorry) so it’s a pretty protein packed breakfast without a lot of carbs. Hope you start feeling better, or ARE better by the time you read this!

You still have to eat sweetie. What I normally do is either have a little oatmeal with CINNAMON or boil be about two eggs and then just smash them together with a little tiny bit of salt and pepper (actually pretty good and doesn’t have hardly any carbs if so very little). Drink lots and lots of water. Are you sick? If you are you need to have a sick day plan. Like just fluids like water, chicken broth, and Gatorade ya know?

Hope you feel better. Send me a message if you want to talk.

Hi Osob, My son SANTI was diagnosed T1 since 2 yrs old.

he also suffers from “big swings” from low to high & visc. My ENDO says the most important thing to keep in mind is not a particular reading, but the combination of events that took place prior to the reading(s), so you & your Doctor can make adjustments to the basal, carb ratios, targets & sensitivity factors to prevent big swings from happening on a regular basis.

When I get really high for inexplicable reasons during the night, my ENDO has said that it had been for insufficient night basal insulin. She then looks at everything I ate (& how I covered it) during the prior day & make adjustments on my pump settings. This process is done every 3 days, bc she says she can see trends then.

Talk to your ENDO – will be my advice-- & look at your night basal rates… seems like you need more during the night if this is the actual trend. Think positive, Act positive, one reading at a time. I know is easy to be frustrated, but just remember you defeat diabetes by being within your BG ranges MOST OF THE TIME, not by worrying about one particular reading… learn from it & keep a positive attitude… good luck! SANTI

Thank you guys it just so annoying as I have been doing well for sometime now and now all this.
My levels have come down now a bit to much but at least I can eat now,just feeling so tired and all emotional.Devon it has been anything but restful.
Jazz that sounds nice the boiled eggs I love eggs and salt just had two small hot dogs with coleslow as I came down to 9 and was feeling hungry.With plenty of water.Thank you for the well wishes and I will message you if I to talk.
Santi I was diagnosed at the same age as your son (shocking) I dont think I am sick unless I have a cold or infection coming on I havent had this kind of reading for sometime now and I work very close with my diabetic nurse always working on my ratios and levemir doses it seemed like we just got it together but I guess not.I will see how I go for the next couple of days.